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Teaching in My Hometown

China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited

As leader of Mengniu, she is often engaged in public welfare programs, like donations of resources and knowledge to children in poverty-stricken areas, so CSR, love and care have become part of Mengniu’s corporate culture.


“Teaching in My Hometown” is a public welfare program to support rural education, based on Mengniu’s “You are the finishing touch” platform. This program offers decent class support for free, to satisfy children’s thirst for knowledge. This program will help more kind people realize their dreams of offering a helping hand to others in need, and gather social efforts to give wings to knowledge dreams of rural children.


Program Strategy and Methods
“Teaching in My Hometown” involves specific events, including celebrities giving lessons in their hometowns, college students supporting rural education in remote areas, teachers training, and resources sharing.

Under the program, Mengniu works with public welfare partners to establish a rural education public welfare system: the program has drawn public attention to rural education through“Seek the Most Beautiful Rural Teacher”and invitation of participation of celebrities, and given targeted material support to rural schools via“Gift Books of Happiness”. Apart from material support, spiritual nurturing has been given greater priority, which is realized by “short- and long-term teaching support” of college volunteers. In addition to these celebrity and social forces, Mengniu has also launched “Calorie Bank” to bring more people to be engaged in public welfare events.

Combination with Principal Business of Mengniu
Through the program, Mengniu calls for participation of its 30,000 employees, takes the initiative to donate its products to children, and carries out crowd funding to give material support to rural education in poverty-stricken areas.


Innovation Highlights
Work with industry partners and social forces, and currently have 108 partners in the program. Join hands with Beijing Normal University to carry out short- and long- term public welfare education support in the form of volunteers. Invite participation of celebrities to engage more people into the program through the force of example, and 90 celebrities have realized their dreams of teaching in their hometowns. Work with other public welfare programs of Mengniu, like “Exchange of Calories for Gloves” and “Gift Books of Happiness”, to enable more people to take part in public welfare events.

Benefits and Influence
Since 2012, this program has seen participation of 30,000 employees of Mengniu, 90 celebrities and 108 partners, benefiting nearly 100,000 teachers and pupils at more than 600 rural primary schools in 22 provinces and municipalities.


Mengniu will continue to carry on with the program in future. It will improve teaching conditions in poverty-stricken areas through crowd funding for material support, and invite more partners and celebrities to give lectures to children to enrich their thoughts and broaden their horizons as spiritual support.
China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited (Mengniu) was founded in 1999 and listed in Hong Kong in 2004. It is China’s leading dairy product supplier and ranks among the World’s Top 20 Dairy Enterprises for seven consecutive years. It is committed to providing consumers with diversified products, including liquid milk, ice cream, milk powder and other products (e.g., cheese). Integrating resources worldwide, Mengniu has established strategic cooperation with Arla from Denmark, Danone from France, WhiteWave from US and AsureQuality from New Zealand and has about 40,000 employees in 56 plants in 33 production bases.