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Building A Shared Future

CSR has been identified as the growing role for business success and profitability and it lies at the foundation of business. The era of CSR is proliferating, and companies increasingly have the knowledge, reach and resources for having CSR initiatives in place, and they plan their practices in a manner which is compatible with the latest CSR development. But despite this multitude of efforts of being more sustainable, the greatest challenge today is most programs driven is still neither strategic nor well supported, and meaningful targets have not been met. In other words, the current level of progress is not enough.

The International CSR Summit (ICS) annually gathered impactful CSR doers and thought leaders from across Asia to strengthen ties and define solutions for emerging global sustainability challenges. 2017 in Bangkok, the 3rd CSR summit talked about “Sustainability Beyond Borders” which rode on growing responsible businesses across global borders and establishing industry-wide and global alliances.

In our fourth summit this year “Building A Shared Future”, we emphasize on business needs to lead “Transformational Change” to combat the most urgent issues threatening people and planet to reach a “Shared Future” – secures inclusive growth through greater collaborations to overcome urgent sustainability threats of our times. The summit further urges businesses to deliver real impact and solution to meet the SDGs, identify the areas and impacts of the business that needs transformational change. The summit will focus on proactive, transparent and purpose-driven sustainable initiatives to address the intense economic, social and environmental challenges, together build a responsible and sustainable future that is fit for all.

We will talk about

Shed light and present positive impacts on their business, the industry, community and environment

Tackling issues require collaboration, not competition

Activating the SDGs as a driver for future strategy and success

Allocating employees as brand advocates on sustainable vision

Creating long-term, transformational cross-industry collaborations

Understanding the impacts digital technologies have on the business

Engaging investors on the sustainable vision of the business

Identifying partners that will assist your vision for large-scale change in your supply chain

Mitigate risks and capture opportunities for long-term value creation

Deliver real solutions to climate actions by addressing human right issues

Encouraging women empowerment at every level of the value chain

Applying human right principles and real solutions to your CSR program

Step up your game to realize SDGs through data driven initiatives

Riding on SDGs to look out for emerging trends and examine new business development

Pressing issues that hinder businesses to sustain an inclusive and responsible supply chain