Themed “Sustainability as the Great Equalizer”, the International CSR & Sustainability (ICS) Summit 2023 seeks to encourage businesses of all sizes and industries to play with their respective strengths to leverage sustainability as a means of accelerating business growth as well as contributing toward a better world. Adopting sustainable business practices should not be viewed as merely an act of complying with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals; it also presents companies with the potential to improve access to markets, financing, talents, and drive overall economic growth. The Summit serves as a global platform for sustainability experts and practitioners to share insights that inculcate businesses to view sustainability as not only a moral imperative but also a strategic business imperative that can help businesses remain competitive and thrive in the long run. The time is now to take action and inspire change.

Embracing the Green Shift:
Maximizing Business Opportunities in Sustainability

28 June 2024
Hilton Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



Pave the path to a greener business by implementing practical strategies to navigate the ever-evolving sustainability landscape while also leveraging and unlocking new opportunities for growth and expansion at the International CSR & Sustainability (ICS) Summit 2024.


By bringing together experts in the field of sustainability and business, the summit will showcase successful case studies, innovative strategies, and emerging trends in the green industry.

The summit attendees will acquire valuable knowledge about the potential advantages of adopting environmentally friendly practices, and how this can contribute to business expansion and achievement. They will also have the chance to connect with experts and peers in their field, promoting cooperation and potential alliances for upcoming sustainability projects.

Overall, the summit serves as a call to action for businesses to not only embrace sustainability but to actively seek out and capitalize on the myriad of opportunities it presents. It underscores the idea that sustainability is not just a trend, but a necessary and beneficial shift for businesses in the modern era.


With the increasing urgency of addressing climate change and environmental degradation, the ICS Summit 2024 provides a timely platform for businesses to explore and implement sustainable practices. The summit aims to equip attendees with the necessary tools and insights to navigate the complexities of sustainability and CSR in today’s business landscape. The summit recognizes that businesses now, more than ever, have a responsibility to prioritize sustainability and act as agents of positive change.


Some of the primary topics covered in the summit entail the advancement of environmentally friendly skills, obstacles involved in implementing sustainable practices within businesses, influential factors contributing to ESG achievements for brands and the impact of technology on sustainable business approaches.

The International CSR & Sustainability Summit 2024 is a unique opportunity to learn from experts and stay ahead of the curve in embracing green strategies.
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Why Should You Attend?

Gain first-hand insights from a stellar line-up of the world’s top CSR and sustainability experts and leaders.

Be at the forefront of the environmental and sustainability movement.

Incorporate best-of-class sustainability practices into your business.

Make lasting connections and establish interconnecting partnerships with potential partners.

Who Should Attend?

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Chief Communications Officer
  • Chief Social Responsibility Officer
  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • Chief Supply Chain Officer
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Presidents
  • VP
  • Directors
  • Chiefs
  • Heads
  • Managers
  • Advisors
Department Specialists:
  • Sustainability
  • Sustainable Development
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Climate Change/ Environment
  • Sustainable Finance Investment
  • Communications Strategy
  • Supply Chain/Sourcing/ Procurement
  • Risk Management
  • Innovation
  • ESG
Sustainability Enthusiasts

Session Highlights

Driving Sustainable Strategies Through Employee Engagement

Utilizing Sustainable Branding as a Powerful Market Differentiator for Business

What’s next and for ESG and Global Supply Chains?

Harnessing Technology to Create Social Change

Integrating Sustainability in Value Chains

Reshaping Governance to promote Sustainability as an Equalizer for Businesses

Building Inclusive Equitable and Environmentally Sustainable Communities


Hoi Ping Ventures
Hong Kong

Ali Mohamed Ali

Founder, OxEarth; CEO of Destination EMEA Independent Consultant

United Nations Global Compact

Anirban Ghosh

Chief Sustainability Officer

Mahindra Group

Ben Kellard

Director of Business Strategy, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

University of Cambridge

Dr. Allinnettes Adigue

Head of the ASEAN Regional Hub

Global Reporting Initiative

Dr. Mushtaq Memon

Regional Coordinator

United Nations Environment Programme

Dr. Naoki Adachi

Executive Director, Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity, CEO & Founder

Response Ability, Inc.

Dr. Niven Huang


KPMG Taiwan

Duncan Lee

Director, Investment Environmental, Social & Governance, Group Investment

AIA Group

Ivy Kuo

Partner, PwC Asia Pacific ESG Leader

PwC China ESG services

Kevin Milla

Carbon Specialist

Paia Consulting

Kim-See Lim

Regional Director, East Asia and the Pacific

International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Enterprise Asia

Monica Bae

Regional Lead - Capital Markets APAC


Olivier Trecco

Head of ASEAN, Japan, Australia ESG Solutions

S&P Global Sustainable1


Sponsors & Partners


Sponsors & Partners


Amalia Goux

Management Consultant and Green Customer Strategy Expert

AMG Consulting
Hoi Ping Ventures, Hong Kong

Bui Dang Duyen MAI

Director, Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability

Coca-Cola Vietnam and Cambodia
DUYTAN Recycling

Dr. Eugene Chien

Advisor, Enterprise Asia

Enterprise Asia

President and Chairman
Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE)

Dr. Nguyen Hong Quan

Director, Institute for Circular Economy Development (ICED)

Institute for Circular Economy Development (ICED)

Associate Professor
Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City(TAISE)

Dr. Niven Huang

Managing Director

KPMG Sustainability Consulting, Taiwan

Dr. Truong Thi Ai Nhi

Senior Project Manager

Institute for Circular Economy Development (ICED)

Ken Machado Sugita

Head of Sustainability APAC


Minh Le Vu

Director of Consulting

FPT Digital
Eurocham Green Growth Sector Committee


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