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Welcome Address by FCO

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Officiating Address by Guest Of Honour

What Asia Is Achieving and Building Towards 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

  • The status and challenges in this journey to meet the goals of UN-SDGs and Paris Agreement
  • Ownership, commitment and frameworks

Green Leadership

The leader believes in the larger responsibility for recognizing the impact of running their business to the environment and seeks to reduce and reverse the impact.

9.15 AM

Transformational Change

CEOs need to lead “Transformational Change” across industries

Are small sustainable impacts enough? The rate global challenges are escalating, the planet and people are now at environmental risks, but gradually Asia will face economy uncertainties. Its confirmed the current level of limited progress is not enough to meet the UN Global Goals. A comprehensive transformation for long-term sustainable impact across the business and industry is required. It is pertinent for CEOs to step in to transform their business and drive sustainable innovation across the business and industry for long-term sustainable impact in the next 10 years.

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Creating long-term, transformational cross-industry collaborations

This session will discuss the challenges and hurdles when implementing a collaborative strategy cross-industry, and the structure needed that coordinates all efforts. Distinguish partners that will assist your vision for large-scale change, turning competitors into collaborators, and engaging all parties including investors on the sustainable vision of your business, and through the same lens identify opportunity in addressing social issues.

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Networking Tea Break

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Panel Discussion One

Becoming A Climate Resilient Business Through Data Focus

Data is always the part that companies over-looked. Businesses must step up their game by leveraging on digital and technology to realize SDGs as data plays an important role in monitoring SDG progress at every level, CSR initiatives should be data-driven to achieve that. The session discusses scaling climate action and quantify impacts through quality data to further strategize CSR frameworks and track performance.

11.30 AM

Supply Chain Transformation

Redeveloping supply chains to manage a fully responsible and transparent supply chain

One of the most pressing challenges in CSR is none other than achieving an inclusive and responsible supply chain. Most of the risks and impacts came from the companies that lie outside the multiple tiers of direct suppliers and relations, what are some of the actions to be taken on critical issues such as human rights and identify other environmental risks across the supply chain and assist suppliers with managing impact to be in line with global frameworks. What are some of the best practices of advocating the eradication of such risks?

Health Promotion

Encourage and promote initiatives aimed at raising awareness and improving the health of their direct and indirect stakeholders.

12.00 PM


Promoting Mindfulness at work: employee mental resilience as a strategically-developed CSR program

Most of us are increasingly aware of the need to cultivate employee wellbeing at work. Leaderships should foster developed programs for early detection and prevention of work-related burn out and depression that results in absenteeism, loss of productivity and concentration; what are the interventions and programs to prevent work-related psychological stress? As it will help evade negative health outcomes and reduce burn out, which in turn will benefit business profits. Why is it important to practice a mindfulness culture? How is this in line with CSR?

12.30 PM

Climate And Human

Climate Change and Human Rights Ecosystem

Human impacts are easily forgotten amidst the constant debate over climate change. As climate change gradually affects how we live, it ultimately threatens our most basic human rights and health. That’s why we call for bolder actions from businesses to deliver solutions to the many impacts of climate change such as the 2 Degree Target and apply human right principles to the human context. How to recognize if human rights are disregarded and infringed upon in our direct/ indirect sphere of business activities, and what are the remedy for it.

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Networking Tea Break

Social Empowerment

Promoting empowerment of communities or individuals that are socially suffering such as disabilities, economically challenged, and minorities that are likely to be exploited, actions that develop self-confidence and bringing up social relationships

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Panel Discussion Two

Reaching a Shared Future: Where Will We End

While social and environmental challenges are escalating in an alarming rate and reaching to whole new records, Asia is forecasted to plunge into deeper poverty and greater depths of climate change. Panellists will discuss mitigation efforts and aggressive implementations to engage emerging and urgent threats, especially setting core values and factors to effective partnerships and why companies should come together to transition Asia to a climate resilient economy. How do we frame vision and coordinate mutual benefits, building a partnership that is designed for sustainability and implement for success? What are the often times overlooked issues during collaboration?

2.45 PM

Women Empowerment

The Role Of Women In The Rising Intensity Of Social Responsibility

Achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment is a goal 5 of the SDGs, and women’s economic empowerment is a pre-condition for the goal achievement. This session encourages women empowerment at every level of the value chain and adopt it as a culture in the company. Empowering them to present strength and vision while leading in a society where women’ values, ideals and dreams seemed to be underscored; and at the same time build effective networks and deal with organizational structures.

3.15 PM

Digital Revolution

Digital Revolution: Transform Business And Drive Scalable Impacts To Deliver Responsible And Exponential Growth

How will digital technologies help project scalability and impact businesses, and which technologies are forecasted to be the frontrunners? How and when to apply technologies such as Blockchain, IoT to the sustainability initiatives and operations, and manage crisis through swift and agile response of digital technologies.

3.35 PM

Emerging Business

Discovering growth opportunities while activating SDGs for future strategy and success

Ever since UN-SDGs came into effect companies are pushed to deliver the goals and integrating SDGs into their core operations. This session encourages businesses to further establish firm commitment to deliver real solutions to align with SDGs, and while delivering value, companies can use SDGs to look out for emerging trends and examine new business development.

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Closing Address by Advisor

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Networking Tea