About Us International CSR & Sustainability (ICS) Summit Series

ICS Summit is a series of annual events in Asia where thought leaders and CSR doers gather annually to talk CSR and sustainability. The summits aim to strengthen ties, share experiences and best practices, as well as brainstorm and explore solutions for key global sustainability challenges. Enterprise Asia is proud to be a part of the effort to strengthen and shape Asia to be a more inclusive, responsible and sustainable socio-economic market.

The platform gathers impactful CSR doers and leaders to identify opportunities which shape Asia to be a more responsible, sustainable and progressive socio-economic market.

The summit has started from 2015 to foster the importance of sustainability and drive the growth of responsible business. Each of them was successfully and specially formulated in different prominent cities to address the intense economic, social and environmental challenges.

ICS 2015
“Shared Value for Profitable CSR Practices”

Banyan Tree, Macau SAR, China.

ICS 2016
“Institutionalising Sustainability – The Way Forward”

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

ICS 2017
“Sustainability Beyond Borders”

Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.

ICS 2018
“Building A Shared-Future”

Manila Marriott Hotel, Manila, Philippines.

ICS 2019
“Take A Stand: Delivering on the Global Goals”

Hilton Taipei Sinban, Taiwan, Republic of China.

The Organiser Enterprise Asia

Enterprise Asia strives to create an Asia that is rich in entrepreneurship as an engine towards sustainable and progressive economic and social development reinforced by its strong pillars of: Democratising Entrepreneurship, Institutionalising Sustainability, Empowering Innovation and Accelerating Growth.

Enterprise Asia work with governments, NGOs and other organisations to promote sustainability development in Asia, uplifting the economic status of people and ensuring a legacy of hope, innovation and courage for future generations.

Enterprise Asia is proud to be a part of the effort and movement to promote and strengthen sustainability in Asian continent.

For more information, please visit www.enterpriseasia.org

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