21 July 2022 | 9:45 AM – 4:00 PM (GMT+8)
Virtual Summit

The ZERO Shift

Zero Emissions | Zero Waste | Zero Inequality
Since the launch of the Race to Zero campaign, the world has been journeying towards Zero in a race to halve global emissions by 2030. At this year’s ICS summit, we not only refer to limiting global temperature to 1.5°C, but wastes, packaging, and inequality are just as worthy of our attention and have equal significance on the sustainability equation. While pledging to achieve carbon net-zero by 2050 is a worthy goal, what this does, however, is zoning in on just one single element of the whole sustainability equation.

The theme, “The ZERO Shift”, applies the net-zero approach to all aspects of sustainability, that means, to the entirety of the sustainability equation, giving equal weight to zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality. Through working together, we can help protect the future of the next generations to come and the way we change for good.

Zero Emissions
The climate crisis encompasses a range of issues, including deforestation, the destruction of biodiversity, pollution, and human rights, among others. Ultimately, these are about the health and resiliency of the planet and humans. The recent COP26 has spurred forth another tidal wave of corporate pledges to achieve carbon net-zero by 2050. Ambitious actions are needed, not just pledges, we need to have meaningful progress to find the best path to achieve net-zero emissions.

Zero Waste
The circular strategy can be a key part of a climate change strategy that reduces our greenhouse gas emissions. A limited supply of resources, the increase of plastic production, by applying a net-zero approach to this part of the equation conserves natural resources and reduce GHG by limiting extraction, manufacturing, and disposal.

Zero Inequality
When natural disasters occur, a knock-on effect from climate change leads to devastating outcomes for disadvantaged countries and vulnerable groups, deepening inequality and poverty. The global pandemic also increases other inequality issues including employees’ rights and welfare, gender and income inequality, it is still up to corporations and down to everyone to stand by our commitments to do the right things and ensure no one is left behind. Join the senior-level executive attendees from 19 industries to gain valuable takeaways that scale impact and build the networks and collaborations that will make The ZERO Shift a reality.
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Why Should You Attend?

Gain first-hand insights from a stellar line-up of the world’s top CSR and sustainability experts and leaders.

Be at the forefront of the environmental and sustainability movement.

Incorporate best-of-class sustainability practices into your business.

Make lasting connections and establish interconnecting partnerships with potential partners.

Who Should Attend?

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Chief Communications Officer
  • Chief Social Responsibility Officer
  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • Chief Supply Chain Officer
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Presidents
  • VP
  • Directors
  • Chiefs
  • Heads
  • Managers
  • Advisors
Department Specialists:
  • Sustainability
  • Sustainable Development
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Climate Change/ Environment
  • Sustainable Finance Investment
  • Communications Strategy
  • Supply Chain/Sourcing/ Procurement
  • Risk Management
  • Innovation
  • ESG
Sustainability Enthusiasts

Session Highlights

Developing nature and biodiversity goals as part of the net zero ambitions

What’s next and for ESG Disclosures

Applying the net zero approach to social purpose to tackle inequality

Fitting offsets into their climate strategies

Embedding the lens of humanity at the center of innovation

Recognizing ethical considerations surrounding Sustainable and Impact Investing


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