ICS 2017 Recap

Sustainability Beyond Borders

Held for the third time, International CSR Summit 2017 brings together the world’s top CSR thinkers, doers, speakers and leaders to brainstorm and define solutions for key global sustainability challenges in the Asian continent today.

Themed Sustainability Beyond Borders, the objective is to foster the importance of sustainability and drive the growth of responsible businesses locally and internationally amidst varying challenges and trends to come.

It is a powerful platform garnering a series of interactive plenary panels, keynote and best practices from leading experts with the objective to share insights and experiences, strengthen ties, increase knowledge and re-examining breakthroughs that can be achieved for the development of a responsible Asia.

This Summit aims to be a platform for all attendees to strengthen ties, share experiences, understanding and insight, as well as identify regional challenges and opportunities to shape Asia towards a more responsible, sustainable and progressive socio-economic market.



Highlights 2017

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