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Colourful Dreams

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Nippon Paint invests their resources and their core competencies in countries where it operates in, to improve the growth and development in areas that face socioeconomic challenges with three Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pillars: Education, Empowerment, and Environment. This initiative, Colourful Dreams, was conceptualised as Nippon Paint’s CSR Programme which focuses to create social impact in communities across 15 geographical locations in Asia. The goal of the programmes under this initiative is to empower youths and communities.


In order to empower youths and communities, the Asia Young Designer Awards (AYDA) is a competition to recognise Asia’s leading interior designers and architects. The Company is seen as a class above others due to their passion in nurturing young designers and to support the design industry. This programme is now present in 15 countries and regions in Asia. They created a platform where interior designers and architects are able to share ideas and nurture young talents and this has positively impacted the brand’s image. AYDA is managed by a regional team which provides all execution and promotional materials for the national teams from across 15 geographical locations.

To empower communities, N’Shakti trains unskilled women with painting skills by providing them with career opportunities and this has increased the pool of the Company’s painters, enabling them to reach out to potential customers in rural areas. This programme’s aim is to train underserved women in rural and marginalised areas and enable them to grow by connecting them to dealers, contractors and architects nearby.


ADYA empowers youths with skills and the knowledge to design sustainably and it has received positive testimonies from participants, having reached out to more than 360,000 youths, garnered 35,300 submissions and engaged with more than 1,200 schools across 15 geographical locations. Additionally, the winners of the grand finale are fully sponsored by the Company to attend Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design’s Design Discovery Programme for 6 weeks.

N’Shakti has impacted the lives of over 450 women and this developed a special connection with the society where people see n’Shakti painters as role models and they have grown to become more confident with their skills. This has improved their relationship with customers and created a positive brand image to the general public. The Company always believe in providing quality training to empower painters in rural areas, to create positive change in their lives.


With the global AYDA community that the Company has, they encourage their alumni and professionals to come together to make a positive social impact to the world using their architectural talents. n’Shakti has been a huge success in Tamil Nadu. It has received many requests to bring this project to other rural areas in India. Other countries under the NIPSEA umbrella are also looking to adopt this programme in the near future.
NIPSEA Group (a subsidiary of Nippon Paint Holdings Co.) is a paint and coating specialist, with the goal of beautifying urban landscapes and to continually create superior Nippon Paint products to enhance people’s lives. The Company is recognised for its dedication to quality, top notch innovation and excellent customer service. With more than 98 NIPSEA companies across Asia, it understands the local needs of its customers in every community.