Sharing Kindness By Thai Life Insurance People

Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited


The intention of Thai Life Insurance to run the business under good governance and social reciprocal is acting as the “care taker” and “provider”. The Company’s policy is to promote public consciousness for Thai Life Insurance personnel, to be responsible for themselves and society by creating ethics from the inside, to recognise giving and sharing including promoting the inspiration in doing good and giving back to society. The main objective of the project is to instill the value and culture of “giving” and “sharing” to the Company’s personnel in accordance to encouraging the voluntary personnel to have participated in thinking, planning and conducting volunteer work through various social activities under the mind sharing programme of Thai Life Insurance people. Thai Life Insurance hopes to enable the community to have a learning promotion center to result in a better quality of life for the target community.


Sarn fun Pansuk Project created a community learning center at Baan Pla Fa, Phetchabun, which is in the central northern province of Thailand. The project was initiated and operated by the Company’s Board of Directors, the accounting and finance team, and the volunteer team. The volunteer team found that there is a tiny village at Lom Kao district in Phetchaboon province and villagers have goodwill to learn while gaining new knowledge. The project timeline is as below.
  • May 2017: Fundraising activities under the project “Sharing the kindness... Thai Life Insurance: Sarn Fun, Pan Sook to create the learning community center” which was held at Thai Life Insurance’s headquarter organized by Accounting and Finance Department.
  • June 2017: Exploring the area
  • October 2017: Started to construct Pla Fha learning center, Phetchaboon Province
  • December 2017: Delivered the Pla Fha Community Learning Center in Phetchaboon Province by Thai Life Insurance Board of Directors along with the volunteer group from the accounting and finance department. In the meantime, the company also provided four computers and table sets for further usage.
As a financial institute, Thai Life Insurance educates the community by providing them with financial management knowledge on saving plans and strives to open their vision of investment in various channels. Moreover, the community are made aware of the importance and benefits of life insurance to reduce the risk of living which is the heart of business as a financial institution in addition to creating a good brand image, it can also be linked to selling insurance in the future. This is not a new project but has been developed from “Provide the happiness to the community” such the Company has completed in other areas which had been carried out by the local sales representative and this has been used as a model for further projects of employees at headquarters.


There are more than 100 lives who have helped to drive this project because the accounting and finance department is large while the management team with voluntary spirit is ready to support and encourage the employees to have the opportunity to do good things together. In addition, the results are good in fundraising activities apparently and the donated money is sufficient to contribute to the construction of the Ban Pla Fha Learning Centre in Phetchaboon Province since the completion of the set goal.

Thai Life Insurance received positive impact in return in terms of the personnel has a chance to participate in the Company’s social responsibility to create internal branding through staff-driven voluntary activities. And the community that has been supported uses the learning center in order to found activities, to encourage people in the community to have a better quality of life in the long term.


Core elements that will make this project maintained sustainably are not only giving things but giving knowledge which can be used in everyday life (Saving plan, Family financial management) career, and gaining additional income for the family have a better quality of life. This project is a beginning that will bring to the further project that Thai life Insurance prefer to use to be role model for giving back to the society.
With more than 76 years of running business of Thai Life Insurance, as the first life insurance company of Thai people does not only reflect the faith and trust that customers have in the Company, but also reflects the capability of its personnel with the vision, mission and core value that aims to drive the Company to be a “People Business” by giving priority to people in all aspects, including its customers, employees, partners, shareholders and society.