Keeping the Face to the Sunshine
鼓動人生 , 面對陽光

SinoPac Financial Holdings Company Limited


In June 2015, SinoPac Holdings donated NT$10 million to the Dust Explosion Rescue Project supported by the New Taipei City Government. For SinoPac Holdings, social participation means not only financial assistance, but also constant care and long-term solutions. SinoPac Holdings has worked with the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation to help the victims of the dust explosion at the Formosa Fun Coast rehabilitate, find employment, and start businesses, hoping to encourage the victims to move on.


SinoPac Holdings continuously pays attention to public welfare issues and invests in corporate resources in the hopes of establishing solutions to the issues. In the process of assisting the victims, SinoPac Holdings realised that the financial and banking industry was not necessarily the best choice as a career for most of the victims, but financial services provided by the banking industry are what the victims needed. In view of this, SinoPac Holdings launched the Start-up Support Programme that provided knowledge required for starting online businesses and the Employment Support Programme that guided the victims through a career plan for and seeking assistance from the financial industry. The volunteers of SinoPac Holdings provided the victims oneon- one assistance in employment and start-up.

Echoing the idea of social enterprise upheld by the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation, SinoPac Holdings launched the Betel Nut Farm Transformation Programme, where betel nut trees were replaced by camellia oleifera to raise awareness of facial disfigurement a as result of oral cancer caused by consuming betel nuts. SinoPac Holdings also promoted SUNVIS, a fitness center for the elderly, to help the elderly respond to aging; in addition, SinoPac Holdings has worked with the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation to promote Face Equality for two consecutive years.


A total of 15 victims of the dust explosion at Formosa Fun Coast participated in the Employment Support Programme. In the first stage, SinoPac Holdings worked with Taipei Veterans General Hospital, with 7 victims having participated in the programme in December 2015; in the second stage, SinoPac Holdings worked with the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation to survey more than 300 victims regarding their willingness to work in the financial industry, and among them, 8 participated in the programme.

SinoPac individually assisted the victims who intended to work in the financial industry in understanding the qualifications and work environment through job fairs, training, and short-term internships. As of today, two participants in the Employment Programme have joined SinoPac Holdings.

The Company cosponsored the annual Taipei Expressway Marathon, in which more than 8,000 people participated. A total of more than 16,000 people participated in two years. In 2019, SinoPac Holdings has organised three sessions of the health seminar on anti-aging within the organization. A total of 180 employees have participated in the seminar series. To share the joy, SinoPac Holdings invited clients to the events and is planning to continue the series and welcome more clients.


SinoPac Holdings will continue working with the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation to extend the Employment Support Programme for all victims who the Foundation serves and deems suitable for the programme. In addition, the Company will keep promoting the idea of “face equality” to help survivors with facial scars win respect and fair treatment.

In the future, the Company will continuously work with SUNVIS under the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation to help the elderly respond to aging through exercise. In health seminars, SinoPac Holdings will promote the right concept of exercise and encourage the middle-aged and senior employees, customers, and community to train their muscle strength at home so as to further improve the quality of life.
SinoPac Holdings was established on May 9, 2002. Its subsidiaries offer services in banking, securities, investment trust, insurance agency, leasing, and venture capital.