Create Shared Value with Sustainable Thinking

Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd.


Shin Kong Life Tower Run Up was founded in 1994. The competition emphasised on health and safety, and promoted public good, arousing concerns about social issues of ISO 20121, and promoted more activities in line with the principles of sustainable development. The competition aims to fulfill their corporate social responsibility, and leave a sustainable future for the future generation.


The project uses Taipei City’s Shin Kong Life Tower 1006 floor as a benchmark, about 200 meters height. Every year, the event uses carnival competition style, advocating for health, and convey the idea of public security. Every activity organised by Shin Kong Life Insurance donates the full sum of participants’ registration fees to causes which are most relevant, encouraging more participation by citizens.


Shin Kong Life Tower Run Up has been organised for more than 20 years and has accumulated more than 200,000 participants till to date. The competition has become the national well-known sports, public welfare donation has accumulated more than one hundred and forty million yuan. Shin Kong Life Tower Run Up aims to take the lead in ISO 20121 international certification, environmental protection, sustainability, reduce the negative impact on the environment, becoming an industry model.


The competition which started in 2018 applies the ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management Systems, becoming Taiwan’s first for the ascent of SGS certification. In the future, Shin Kong Life Insurance will continue to use the experience of the management system environmental protection sustainable idea, to encourage the public to reuse and recycle, hoping that through the activities’, they will improve and inherit the mentality and core values of sustainability in the planning and execution of all activities.
Founded in 1963, Shin Kong Life Insurance has become a leading insurance brand in customers’ mind with its four business concepts of innovation, service integrity and service spirit.