Selangan City

PT Badak NGL


PT Badak NGL has consistently played an active role in community development through CSR Programme known as COMDEV. Currently, COMDEV is increasingly aimed at creating self-reliance and empowerment of both economic and social society. Selangan City Programme is one of the community development programme initiated by PT Badak NGL in collaboration with Bontang Government. This programme aims to empower the Selangan community by improving their potential developing tourism activities. It uses a bottom up approach focused on Selangan fisherman and youth. Tourism attraction offered is integrated tourism that aims to support community empowerment while preserving environment (nature and culture) which can give economic benefit.

The package offered in Selangan City Programme includes Culinary Tour and rainwater drink; Snorkeling; Fisherman Tourism Village; and Electrolysed rainwater system. The form of the programme is to integrate tourism tour which aims to support the environmental conservation (nature and culture) as well as provide economic benefits to the community in Selangan. In addition, tourists can enjoy the culinary tour, snorkeling, fishing tourism, and consume the electrolyzed rainwater.


The CSR Programme of PT Badak NGL focuses on four pillars, namely empowerment, capacity building, infrastructure, and charity. In line with the company’s role as a world-class company, character building and skilled human resources are keys to success. PT Badak NGL adopts the same philosophy in its efforts to develop human capital in the communities, to empower individuals in these communities, and to help these individuals become independent and self-sufficient in their lives. The key in achieving environmental excellence has been the creation of shared values. In planning and implementing its community development programmes, PT Badak NGL involves local community as well as nongovernmental organisations, relevant business enterprises, higher learning institutions, and government agencies. PT Badak NGL carries out a range of community empowerment programmes by supporting home-scale industries, providing seed capital, developing skills through training in respective fields, teaching how to plan and organise work properly, instilling high work ethic, and helping them grow their business.


The Selangan City Tourism Programme is managed by the community to create the empowerment of improvement in the community’s economy through tourism activities.
  • 35 families or approximately 115 people in Selangan have benefited from the Selangan City Tourism Programme. They receive an additional income of Rp 800,000 to Rp 1,000,000 on average per month through this programme.
  • Three out of ten of the organisation’s member are women. They are responsible for organising the other woman in presenting culinary to guests.
  • By water can save costs up to Rp. 300,000 per month for each family
  • Docks and shelters are repaired, homestay and gates are built, bridges are painted.
  • The Selangan underwater ecosystem is maintained because the community and visitors no longer throw the waste into the sea.


Selangan City Tourism is a new programme developed by PT Badak NGL through CSR / Comdev activities. The diferrence of Selangan City from the other marine tourism is that the local community, i.e Pelangi Pesisir Group fully manages the tourism acitivity. The community empowerment programme that is focused on tourism will be developed to have a positive impact on it’s social community, economic and environmental impacts. The development step requires first aid training in accidents, evaluation of several tour packages such as snorkeling tour packages, homestay tour packages, fishing tour packages, shellfish search packages and management of Usaha Kecil Menengah (UKM) based on seaweed. Other programme development will be carried out in the field of agriculture, namely hydroponics. All of these activities are designed in collaboration with integrated stakeholder.
PT Badak NGL is a producer of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). It was established in 26 November 1974 as a limited liability company and headquartered in Jakarta, with a sole production facility located in the Municipality of Bontang, East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. PT Badak NGL is a non-profit entity, whose assets are fully owned by the Government of Republic Indonesia, under the Ministry of Finance.