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Educational Programme for the Disadvantaged Children

Planet Technology Corporation


Children who experience learning disadvantages due to family issues is becoming an inherent problem to society. Like the spirit of doing business, PLANET Technology founded “PLANET Educational Charitable Trust”, the first to be established in Taiwan in 2004, which is dedicated to improving the education of the disadvantaged children and other living standards, as well as cultural projects. PLANET’s “Educational Programme for the Disadvantaged Children” aims to provide children from difficult families with priority services on remedial teaching, psychological counseling, emotional therapy and other activities to help stimulate these children’s motivation to learn and correct behavioural disorders. In combination with school administration and teachers, the project establishes a dense teaching and counseling network to assist students who have difficult or behavioural biases to adapt to studying normally. It comprehensively assists the disadvantaged children in improving their education and thinking mindset, and tackling problems they may face in the learning stages.


The “Educational Programme for the Disadvantaged Children” was implemented effectively by the school, along with the Company and social resources. With the combination of the school’s facilities, teacher resources and community volunteers, these combined strengths certainly help it put into effect strategically, thus bringing positive influences on these children in a long term. Utilising PLANET’s core business management expertise, the implementation of this project was optimised in such a way that it is simple to be carried out in different schools. For example, SOPs have been used to standardise operating processes by integrating different operating modes in different schools. Besides, the operating processes and the performance review was conducted each semester to ensure the programmes bring positive impacts in a long-term, measurable and performance-reviewable manner. And via the Plan–Do–Check–Act cycle done every semester, it helps timely adjustment of remedial teaching, tracks results and assess performance to achieve continuous improvement.


This Project not only focuses on the growth and development of the disadvantaged children, but also focuses on social hope. On this project, PLANET has supported about 8,000 children in 19 elementary and junior high schools in the greater Taipei area in the past 15 years. Through remedial teaching and psychological counseling, it has shortened the gap between the achievements of the normal and disadvantaged children. Especially for the disadvantaged children, love and patience are what they needed most. The opportunity of education gives the disadvantaged children a chance to escape from the vicious cycle of weakness but head to a more positive status in the society. If the children with low learning motivation can be assisted in early stages, the possibility of dropouts or committing crimes could be reduced, thus enhancing human qualities and saving on social costs.


Children are the hope and future of the country. Education is the foundation of children’s future life and ability to work; therefore, assisting those disadvantaged children in learning how to independently improve their livelihoods is definitely a must. From a strategic, long-term approach to assisting children’s education, PLANET will also keep this comprehensive educational programme aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to ensure equitable quality education and learning opportunities for children. In addition, it can help to end poverty by supporting children to use their talents to learn, grow and even serve the society in the future.

PLANET’s Educational Programme for the Disadvantaged Children leads to a better humane care that every disadvantaged child should have in the society. Some organisations with the aim of enhancing the spirit of their CSR in Taiwan have been attracted to join PLANET on this programme. More organisations are welcomed to participate in jointly creating a better learning place for the disadvantaged children.
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