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Water for Peace in Marawi

Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc.


The aftermath of the Marawi Siege of 2017, the longest urban battle in the modern history of the Philippines, left 78,466 families displaced, affected 86,772 school children, damaged properties and infrastructures at an estimate of Php20 billion, and worsened the residents’ access to clean water.

With water as a basic human right along with the special needs of the Muslim internally displaced persons (IDPs) for water during Ramadan, PCPPI worked with Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF) to provide a longterm sustainable solution. In consultation with the local community and in alignment with government offices, PCPPI donated seven 20,000L water tanks to 6 transitional shelters, ten 3,200L water tanks to ten elementary schools, and one 50,000L water tank to the newest shelter being developed. This also included ten WaSH trainings and distribution of hygiene kits to children.

This project aligns with PCPPI’s aim to create a positive social and environmental impact by empowering communities where it operates through nation-building projects anchored on the Company’s sustainability commitments: water stewardship, circular economy, and inclusive growth.


In January 2018, Task Force Bangon Marawi presented the programmes, projects, and activities (PPAs) that are annexed to the Bangon Marawi Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Recovery Plan. Select PPAs were itemised under government funding, and select PPAs were itemised under resource mobilisation, for funding of the private sector—one of which is the water system in which PCPPI through PDRF aim to partially cover. This is done in partnership with the Provincial Government of Lanao del Sur, Municipal Government of Marawi City, and Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA).

Upon stakeholder consultation, the team identified the need to provide cylindrical water tanks to accommodate the needs of the IDPs. With the flexibility of the project, the capacity and number of water tanks to be provided changed during the course of the project to meet the needs of the community. Each stakeholder took a defined role with PDRF as the main coordinator and implementing arm, the local government offices and LWUA for community consultations and regular delivery of water, and camp leaders for the maintenance of the water tanks.


As of April 2019, over 140,000 Maranao IDPs and 3,551 students could access at least 200,000L of water from the water tanks on a daily basis. 200 student beneficiaries have also participated in WaSH trainings conducted by the team and received hygiene kits. With the final 50,000L water tank on its way to the new transitional village being developed, additional 40,000 IDPs are expected to benefit from the project.

The project has also helped foster peace and collaboration in the community. IDPs have shown ownership for the water tanks in which they are well-organised in getting water, ensure proper maintenance of the water tanks, and they even share their water resource to other camps. Further, with the visits done by PCPPI and PDRF teams in every water tank turnover, the IDPs have embraced the team as if they were their own brothers and sisters, expressing their immense gratefulness to the team.


Since the declaration of the end of the siege in 2017, PCPPI has been a partner of Marawi City in recovery and rehabilitation. The Company initially sent out 1,000 sustainable solar lamps and 200 street lights. This was then followed by Pepsi-Cola products for livelihood assistance to the IDPs. By being able to cover some of the basic necessities: water, light, and livelihood, PCPPI hopes for the renewed determination of the residents to pursue the rebuilding of the city and bring it back to its prosperous state.

Moving forward, the Company will continue to be a partner of Marawi as the local team in the region conducts regular visits to the area. PCPPI through PDRF will also continue with the implementation of eight sessions of WaSH training for the communities. Ultimately, once the rebuilding starts, the water tanks will be transferred to the permanent shelters.
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