King Power Thai Power

King Power International Co., Ltd.


‘King Power Thai Power’ project was founded with the vision to empower Thai people to elevate their potential in a sustainable fashion to enhance their competitiveness in the world arena. The project focuses on 4 key aspects; sport, music, community and education & health.

Sport Power – Sport Power was introduced to empower and engage Thai youths through sports collaborated programmes, focusing on football with the ultimate goal of enabling Thai youth to have hands-on experience and professional opportunities. Some campaigns launched under this pillar was ‘Million Footballs, Million Power, for Thai Youth’ programme, created for children and youth to practice football at anytime and anyplace; ‘One Hundred Football Pitches for the Power of Thai Youth’, which involves the construction of 100 artificial football pitches for schools and communities nationwide by 2022.

Music Power – This initiative focuses on promoting music and culture especially Thai talents to the world through Thailand International Wind Symphony Competition (TIWSC 2019) in collaboration with College of Music, Mahidol University. This is the 2nd consecutive year making it a world-class stage for Thai musicians and talents to demonstrate their skills and passion for music.

Community Power - Through initiatives such as Royal projects, OTOP and SMEs, King Power is determined to support and promote sustainable development for Thailand’s local economies. The Company works with the government and other institutions, and share knowledge to help local people develop their skills and create better products.

Education & Health Power - King Power realises that education and health play a major role in youth development and has granted support in various forms including monetary support for learning media and repair and maintenance of school buildings in various provinces. Since 2017, together with De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) in the UK, the Company has granted 20 Master Degree scholarships to study at DMU. Furthermore, 100 million baht was donated to Toon Bobyslam’s ‘Kao Kon La Kao’ Project in collaboration with the Phramongkutklao Hospital Foundation Under Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Patronage for hosting the 2,215-kilometre charity run. 20 infant incubators were also donated to hospitals in remote area of all regions across Thailand.


King Power’s core idea is generated from their belief in the Power of Thais and their abilities that can exceed all limitations. The Company shares true stories of determination, challenges and hard work of Thai people through multi-PR platforms and media channels combining both traditional and new media to maximise awareness.


Currently, King Power has successfully given out 40 artificial football pitches in 34 provinces benefiting over hundred thousands of children, youth and sport-lovers in all parts of Thailand and another 400,000 having their very own football to enjoy anytime anywhere. They have also delivered five out of the ten universal-designed public rest rooms under the project name ‘Sukha Sukjai’ in five provinces in collaboration with Ministry of Tourism and Sports with the aim to provide the community and tourist sites with better and cleaner facilities. The Company’s CSR campaigns have also received positive publicity and have gained media value worth over 300 Million Baht, reached over 173,000,000+ impressions through all broadcast, online and social media platform (Twitter, YouTube, @Line) and witnessed over 7.5 Million public engagement on Facebook page during 2017-2018.


Proceeding with the programmes which have been carried over from last year, King Power is committed to reach the goals previously set including the installation of 100 artificial football pitches and the delivery of 1 million footballs in several schools and communities so that children and youth can use their free time productively. At the same time, the Company will continue to listen and reach out to those in need with an aim to improve the quality of life through sport, music, community, and education & health.
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