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New Steps For New Life

IRPC Public Company Limited


IRPC is determined to contribute to the community and society as a whole by bringing products and knowledge from the Company and its employees for practical optimisation, resulting in raising the quality of life for the people. Therefore, the Company has implemented the “Prostheses Project” which aims to improve the quality of life of the disabled, to enable them to live normally, to pursue their careers, and to raise themselves and their families without being a burden to society.


Since 2011, IRPC has donated plastic pellets to the Prostheses Foundation of Her Royal Highness the Princess Mother continuously for approximately 20 tons per year worth around 32,000 US dollars for supplying the Foundation with raw materials sufficiently for making prostheses each year.

Apart from donating plastic pellets, IRPC in cooperation with the Prostheses Foundation also research and develop good quality prostheses which are hygienic, lightweight and durable. Moreover, the research and development is also cooperated in order to bring IRPC’s plastic pellets to produce various parts of prostheses replacing the previous materials that are less durable and heavy in weight such as previous parts that were originally made from nylon or metal. This is the attempt to ensure the disabled have better quality of life.


Since 2011 until December of 2018, there were 21,693 prostheses produced from IRPC plastic pellets. In addition, plastic sheets produced from IRPC’s plastic pellets have also been sent to the prostheses making factories established by the Prostheses Foundation at the military hospital in the Republic of Burundi and Republic of Senegal which have the lower-limb amputees from the unrest in the countries and in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, in which there are the lower-limb amputees from the tsunami, domestic unrest, and other causes.

In 2018, IRPC cooperated with the Prostheses Foundation to develop the plastic products used in the production of translucent prosthetic sockets which will make the prostheses maker see the attachment characteristics of the prosthetic socket and the leg stump, so that the prosthetic socket can be adjusted to fit the stump and the time to adjust the prostheses can be reduced. As a result, the disabled can wear the fit leg socket without friction or feeling pain. The Prostheses Foundation will start bringing the products from the Research and Development Department of IRPC to produce the prostheses for patients soon.


In 2018, IRPC has announced a policy to clearly define the budgets for social responsibility which has been approved by the Company’s Board of Directors completely at the rate of 3% of the average net profit for the past 3 years. The policy of budget spending is divided into 3 areas as follows: Budget for community and social development in the business area of the Company; Budget for educational development; Budget for the two main social projects of the Company namely, prostheses project and water storage development project for agriculture.

The social project of IRPC especially the prostheses project is the structure that the Board of Directors and the Good Corporate Governance Committee prioritise and approve to be a long-term project that the Company must continue with the objectives of reducing problems and creating sustainable social benefits through IRPC’s business operations; easing the burdens of the government in take care of a large number of lower-limb amputees; and supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
IRPC Public Company Limited (IRPC), a Southeast Asian integrated petrochemical pioneer, located in its own Rayong industrial Zone. The Company operates three core businesses, namely petroleum, petrochemical, and supporting businesses including deep sea port, oil tank farm and power plant. In 2018, IRPC was ranked as the World Leader of the Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing Industry by DJSI and retained its membership for the fifth consecutive year.