Guarding the Demented Patients and their Families, and Promoting the Concept of Having Young People Accompany Elders

Fubon Life Insurance Co., Ltd.


Taiwan has officially entered the stage of aging society in 2018. The issue of elderly and demented patient care has therefore become an important issue that Taiwan cannot afford to neglect today. In view of this trend, Fubon Life has continued to adopt two major action plans to care for the elders and demented patients in the past years: (1) supporting the families of new demented patients and (2) promoting communal life between young people and the elderly. Fubon Life joined with its stakeholders in promoting these action plans, hoping to expand their influence to the public to raise the awareness of aging and dementia issue and to create a friendly environment for young people and elders to share a communal life.


1. Guarding the Families with New Demented Patients:
  • Fubon Life focuses on the key needs of families with new demented patients, and implements the programme of giving away missing –prevention bracelet to demented patients after doctor’s diagnosis and hosting workshops for families with new demented patients with the three principles of “Guardian, Companionship and Support”. From the moment that the doctor provide a definite diagnosis of dementia, Fubon leverages the largest missing population searching network in Taiwan to prevent patients from missing and provides patientcare resources to reduce the physical and mental stress of the caregiver during the initial period of demented patient care. The Company sponsors the Federation for the Welfare of the Elderly to promote the adoption of “missing prevention bracelet”. The Company partnered with more than 70 dementia-related outpatient clinics in Taiwan to give away free bracelets to patients that are diagnosed with dementia by physicians to reduce the risk of patient missing. At the same time, the company hosted workshops for family with new demented patients to invite family members of patients who had been diagnosed with dementia in the past year to support the physical and mental wellness of both the patients and their caregivers. The sessions have reached a total of 500,000 people.
2. Promote Communal Life between Young and Old:
  • Fubon Life continues to advocate the new concept of “encouraging the young generation to accompany the elders. The Company started the corporate guardian angel programme, and responds to the government’s long-term care 2.0 policy and the University Social Responsibility policy of the Ministry of Education by joining forces with students, the county and city government and the integrated dementia care center to implement the concept of companionship between the young and the old. According to foreign dementia research, elders who play board games can slow down the process of cognitive decline and reduce depression. Fubon Life invites young volunteers to play board games with elders in communities around the country. This programme was intended to leverage the resources in the community to promote cross-generational exchanges and improve the health of the elders.


Fubon Life has spared no efforts in promoting the concept of dementia care and elderly care to raise public awareness and social support. Among them, the missing prevention bracelet giveaway programme has successfully improved the adoption rate among patients by 33% since its implementation, and has assisted nearly 7,000 demented patients to wear the bracelet. In 2018, Fubon Life joined hands with nearly 150 charity organisations, more than 70 medical institutions/ integrated dementia care centers, and 2,000 college students to conduct roughly 250 sessions and served more than 30,000 elderly people.


Fubon Life has six ESG task forces within the company, covering the areas of social commitment, customer care, environmental sustainability, corporate governance, employee care, and responsible finance. The president of the Company serves as the head of the taskforces and leads the implementation of various ESG programmes. In the future, Fubon Life will not only serve the general public with outstanding insurance products, but will also actively fulfill its commitment to the society of Taiwan and continue to promote various public welfare projects in response to social trends.
Founded in 1987, Fubon Life Insurance is the leading brand in the life insurance industry in Taiwan. In 2018, the company’s total premium income reached NT$543 billion while the earning after-tax reached NT$24.93 billion with an EPS of roughly NT$2.25. While enjoying a solid business performance, Fubon Life also has been sparing no efforts in fulfilling its corporate social responsibility by promoting the communal life between young people and elderly and creates a friendly living environment, for the elderly population. Based on the brand’s core philosophy of “Positive Energy”, Fubon Life is aimed at becoming the “People’s Brand of Life Insurance” in Taiwan.