Co-hosting 8th Vocal Asia Festival with Kehua Foundation to Realise Big City’s Vision of Promoting with Profound Impact the Preservation of Taiwan’s Native Culture and Hakka Folk Songs

Far Eastern Big City Shopping Malls Co., Ltd.


Language diversity is essential to our human heritage. Many different native languages embody the unique cultural wisdom of the people of Taiwan. However, UNESCO has listed Taiwan as one country with significant risk of native language extinction.

Big City believes in raising awareness of this risk, promoting language diversity and providing ongoing support of the expression, creation and dissemination of Taiwan’s native languages through education and musical performances. One concrete and effective means of achieving this is to encourage and facilitate folk song singing for all age groups. Big City is mindful of its intrinsic value as Northern Taiwan’s largest shopping mall that daily draws large crowds. The public open spaces throughout the mall can provide an optimal learning and performing venue for fostering and promoting the preservation and dissemination of native languages for all generations.


Big City has since 2016 implemented a series of initiatives involving global cooperation and local networking of resources to promote music curriculums and performances, including co-sponsorship with the Vox Nativa Taiwan Association of a visit to Taiwan by the Poland Poznan Boys’ Choir.

Big City has also devoted intense effort to actively assimilating and boosting intergenerational native language dissemination and cultural diversity via A-Cappella education, including coorganizing parent-child lessons, A-Cappella children summer camps, etc.

The “2018 Hsin-Chu Vocal Asia Festival” (VAF) was one of the successful events of this initiative by combining A-Cappella with Taiwan’s Hakka culture. The 8th Vocal Asia Festival, cohosted by Big City and the Kehua Foundation, comprised a series of A-Cappella master classes, an Asia Cup A-Cappella competition, the Hakkappella Concert, the A-Cappella Gala Concert, the A-Ca-Day festival and numerous simultaneous performances on Big City open stages between August 16 and 19 of 2018. This profoundly realized Big City’s mission of fostering public awareness regarding the importance of native culture and promoting Taiwan’s rich linguistic inheritance.


Big City realises the importance of maintaining a long-term effort toward promoting language diversity if there is to be an enduring impact. Accordingly, it has continuously provided resources for A-Cappella education programs not only in the form of classes for all ages, but also master classes for music teachers.

Through a combination of the mall’s online and offline marketing and media resources, Big City was able to attract more than 20,000 live audience members and 4.8 million online viewers in their related music events.

Big City values the preservation of native culture and practices as one of the Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations. While fostering an ongoing constructive contribution to society during this event, Big City was also able to provide its customers with the moving experience of encountering beautiful native songs performed in the mall, while earning the respect and trust of those who share the same vision of protecting endangered languages.


Big City will continue to devote its efforts to music education on behalf of preserving native culture. A series of Native Music Promotion Projects has been planned and is being implemented for teachers and students of different ages. It will involve various initiatives to bridge and connect resources from different industries, government agencies and universities, as well as provide Big City performing stages to assist in promoting events that maximise audience size and participation. Big City aims to be one of the most respected and influential platforms for the collaborative effort to promote native music and cultural education in Taiwan.

Big City gladly shares in shouldering the responsibility of ensuring that no native languages disappear, and is dedicated to the goal that, together, we can fortify, maintain and perpetuate native culture for many generations to come.
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