Silver Screening 2-For-1

Elusyf Global Pte Ltd


Elusyf Global works together annually with JCI Mandarin (Junior Chamber International) to organise Silver Screening 2-for-1.

Many seniors in Singapore face issues of loneliness and disillusionment, and this event’s goal is to uplift their spirits and show them that there are people that care for their wellbeing and truly appreciate their contributions to society.

The mission was, instead of participating in community involvement programmes through the norms of providing basic food necessities for the elderly; to create a sustainable impact through the engagement of community partners. It was therefore important for the project to have a wide outreach encompassing employees, clients, and partners to take part as volunteers and/or sponsors for the event.

Volunteers will accompany the seniors for a whole day, during which they will each spend quality time with their assigned elderly. Each volunteer also presents their elderly guest a handwritten card with a Polaroid photograph together at the end of the day.


Each year, organisers from JCI Mandarin liaise with Elusyf to organise various aspects of the event. Due to Elusyf’s broad marketing outreach, the Company supports the recruitment of the large numbers of volunteers as well as project funds required. Employees, clients, and partners were invited to take part together with their friends and family as volunteers and/or sponsors for the event. In 2018, the team recruited 600 volunteers and obtained project funds of $15,000 SGD through individuals, corporate donations, and sponsorships.

The Company’s core business revolves around her treasured clients. Through their involvement in this one-day event, Elusyf was able to provide her clients an avenue to partake in their communal responsibility to care for the less fortunate. This is also congruent with Elusyf’s Corporate Core Values of “Excellence, Love, Unity, Stability, Youth, and Family.” Elusyf expresses her love for the community by supporting and caring for the less fortunate. Such actions translates very strongly to her stakeholders as a commitment to her promises of, but not limited to, excellence and stability.


Positive impact could be seen and felt at both ends of the community, the receivers and the givers. The volunteers and sponsors comprising of the Company’s employees and its clients, together with various supporting companies such as GreenDot and JTeam Productions, learnt about humility, gratitude and the importance of family. True happiness comes when one’s jar of love is filled with giving unconditionally. The elderly were able to once again experience companionship, the joys of being young once again by going to the cinema. Friendship, something of non-monetary value were forged. Many volunteers were able to keep in contact with the seniors, and return yearly to participate each time the project is organised. Many volunteers have also started to invite friends and family to participate along with them.


There were various aspects of innovation introduced to this otherwise very simple event. In an increasingly digital and even cold-hearted society, even though many organisations regularly do CSR, many employees lack the understanding and purpose of their actions as contributions are usually not experienced directly through them.

The unique aspect lies in the instant gratification that volunteers could feel just through the closer interpersonal relations that were forged during the day. As such, using a two-pronged approach of teaming up with JCI, together with the experience and expertise of running this project for several years, the next phase would be for JCI to assist in franchising this project to other corporations who wish to do CSR, helping to facilitate the continuation of this cause of social impact.
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