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Love & Arts for Dreams Initiatives Project
Love & Arts 夢想+圓夢工程

CTBC Foundation For Arts And Culture


Dreams come true in our own land, dreams come alive! The Love & Arts for Dreams Initiatives goes into remote areas together with artistic mentors. Through in-depth art courses that go on for over half a year, rural students are given support to expand their horizons, and build their confidence.

In 2017, “Mountain pipers”: The CTBC Foundation for Arts and Culture went into tribal villages of Hualien with pan flutist Eric Chung, and taught children to play pan flutes. Children who could not read staff started from having their first pan flute to getting their first busker license, then they stepped onto the Dream Stage. In 2018, “Dream action”: The Foundation went into Donghe Elementary School in Taitung with Bulareyaung Pagarlava, a world-famous Paiwan choreographer. Teaching modern dance, they guided a group of tribal children who longed to dance, but with no qualified teacher to instruct them, to become brave dream chasers!


The CTBC Foundation for Arts and Culture discovered that children in remote areas were not only suffering from “financial deprivation”, but also “dream deprivation”. Working with artistic mentors, the project provided remotearea students with exposure to the arts and culture. Aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals focusing on the quality of education and reducing inequalities, nondiscriminatory and high-quality arts and cultural experiences were created for rural students. Furthermore, through educational policies and the integration of resources from official organisations, such as the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education, education equality was provided to rural students. One of the most needed things but most lacking among rural students was a formal stage where they could express their confidence and talents. The content of this project is unique, so its achievements can last for about 1 to 2.5 years. To continue its impact, CTBC Financial Holding’s resources are integrated to build a stage for rural students to fulfill their dreams.


What’s taught is not just art, but also life education. In 2017, the project became a featured educational programme in Hualien. The number of schools involved grew from 12 to 24, while the number of people tripled from 130. Local teachers formed the “Pan Flute Teachers’ Group Hualien”, striving to deeply establish pan flute education. In June 2018, 500 teachers and students performed with pan flutes at the Love Soars gratitude concert, setting a record in Asia.

In 2018, the project adopted the social return on investment (SROI) approach. Research results showed that every NT$1 invested by the Love & Arts for Dreams Initiatives could generate about NT$4.18 worth of social value. Other than teaching arts and culture, artistic mentors also shared their life experiences on dream chasing. 80% of the students under this project built a positive value system, enhanced their artistic and humanistic qualities, improved their interpersonal relationships and reinforced their self-identity.


The CTBC Foundation for Arts and Culture has established a platform and has invited local enterprises to be involved in establishing artistic education resources for this project. Furthermore, central and local education-governing authorities have been invited to work together to expand their impact through education policies. The 2017 “Mountain Piper”became a featured educational programme in Hualien; the 2018 “Dream Action” even became a national arts and culture lesson plan model.

The CTBC Foundation for Arts and Culture is extending its artistic and cultural scope to Eastern Taiwan, where education in such fields is lacking the most. The Love & Arts for Dreams Initiatives Project is planned to be spreaded across Taitung, Hualien, and Yilan within 3 years. Furthermore, it is estimated to reach offshore islands Kinmen and Matsu within 5 years, allowing diverse arts and culture education programmes penetrate all corners of Taiwan.
The CTBC Foundation for Arts and Culture has long been committed to enhancing social care through public welfare initiatives in the arts to let artistic resources cross the borders of urban and rural areas.