Joseph Huang

CEO, E.Sun Financial Holding Co., Ltd.

Mr. Joseph N.C. Huang is now the president and CEO of both E.SUN Financial Holding Co., Ltd. (“E.SUN FHC”) and its subsidiary E.SUN Commercial Bank, Ltd. (“E.SUN Bank”); he is also the chairman of subsidiary E.SUN Bank (China) Co., Ltd. Originally an engineering major, Joseph received his MBA from Baruch College, City University of New York in 1992, and an executive management diploma from Harvard University in 2003.

Joseph is committed to the planning of E.SUN based on the three long-term strategies: Local Development, Asia Expansion, and Financial Innovation. He leads E.SUN in its pursuit of excellence and advancement toward new milestones, and he is dedicated to building the best bank in Taiwan. Joseph has received several major awards and recognitions, including Best CEO in Asia Pacific from The Asian Banker, Best CEO in Asia from The Asset 4 years in a row, and Best CEO in Taiwan from Institutional Investor for two times.

Since his appointment as E.SUN FHC president in 2008, Mr. Huang has steered the company through a number of financial crises and pushed it to new heights. Joseph is also CEO of the E.SUN Volunteer & Social Welfare Foundation and has led a number of CSR campaigns including the E.SUN Golden Seeds Project, an initiative to build libraries in remote areas, and the E.SUN Cup International AAA Baseball Tournament, an event that facilitates the discovery of young talented athletes. As Joseph is entering the 11th year since he took the position as a CEO, E.SUN is also reaching a higher level. He has demonstrated his abilities to lead the company and make it from Good to Great, from Local to Regional, and from Physical to Digital.

Achievement and Impact
Set the benchmark in ESG: In addition to promoting economic development, E.SUN is committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities by contributing its core competencies in areas such as corporate governance, customer service, employee care, environmental protection, and community involvement. Joseph believes that business management is about creating values and making the world better. E.SUN has delivered a significant contribution in ESG performance.
  • The FIRST and ONLY one in Taiwan financial sector to be listed in DJSI World Index for 3 times, DJSI Emerging Market Index for the 5th consecutive year (2014-2018), and received the highest AA rating in MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes.
  • Listed in Top 5% in Corporate Governance evaluation by Taiwan Stock Exchange for the 5th consecutive year. (2015-2019).
  • The first one in Taiwan issued US$ 60mn and NT$1.1bn green bonds in 2017 and 2018, the largest green bonds issuer in Taiwan.
Under the leadership of the founder Mr. Yung-Jen Huang, a group of like-minded financial professionals embarked on a mission to “build the best bank” by incorporating E.SUN in 1992. It was named after the highest mountain in Taiwan, Mount Jade. E.SUN Bank set up a professional management team to establish a banker’s bank, and is committed to being the best bank in Taiwan. E.SUN’s business philosophy is “Expertise, Service, and Business”, and the abbreviation “ESB” is also initials of its name, E.SUN Bank. E.SUN fulfils its commitment to this philosophy by cultivating professional banking talent and offering its customers the highest quality of service.