1 Tambon 1 Electrician

Provincial Electricity Authority


Until the present day, PEA is responsible for electrical distribution in 7,154 districts in Thailand (excluding Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakarn). From data collected thoroughly, communities have been facing scarcity of professional, skilled and certified electricians to provide service. Among the local population, there is still the lack of primary electrical knowledge for basic electric repair. Therefore, when failures in electrical system occurred, locals have always been reaching to PEA for assistance. Hence, this makes PEA truly acknowledged of the situation. “1 Tambon 1 Electrician” project was established to develop professional skills among electricians to provide electrical system reparation service. Moreover, with exceptional skills acquired, it provides more opportunity for electricians to earn additional income, to develop their potential and to create more career opportunities.

  • Promoting professional knowledge among electricians.
  • Supporting creation of jobs among the lower-income population who registered to Government Welfare Registration Programme.
  • Fostering participation between PEA and communities.
  • Creating cooperation between governmental bureaucracies.


PEA recognised the need for supporting human development among low-income electricians. Therefore, this programme aims to provide skills, license and equipment needed to prosper the career of these electricians in PEA service areas who registered to the Government Welfare Registration Programme with qualifications as followings:
  • Age above 18 years.
  • Registered to the Government Welfare Registration Programme.
  • Local electrician with permanent residence in PEA service areas.
  • Acquired primary knowledge in electrical systems or other related field or having career in relation to profession in electricity.
  • Having physical and psychological conditions that are not obstacle to participation in trainings with the determination to complete entire courses.
By management from CSR Project Management Division and 12 district PEAs, “1 Tambon 1 Electrician” has achieved success since January to December 2018.

Due to this, the duration is set to be proceeded from 2017 to 2020 with the framework and strategy as follows:
  • Conducting discussion with Department of Skill Development.
  • Observing area for its preparedness and appropriations to conduct the project.
  • Conducting seminars to evaluate expectations from affiliated parties.
  • Concluding result from discussions in seminars.
  • Recruiting/ selecting eligible electricians for enrolling the programme.
  • Directing action plans and assigning tasks to responsible parties.
  • Fulfilling training courses with lecturers from PEA and Department of Skill Development to instruct local electricians regarding the proper, safe and sufficient electrical usage.
  • Arranging various activities for trainees.
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of this project quarterly and annually.
  • Observing satisfaction level and concluding outcome of the project.


Quantitative & Qualitative Achievements
  • Arranging training activities for developing skills in the field of electricians for 2,000 trainees.
  • Having at least 80% of electricians pass the trainings.
  • Obtaining “1 Tambon 1 Electrician”.
  • Giving electrician certificate to trainees who pass the courses.
  • Giving certificate as a guarantee for competency in interior electrical system repair. (intended for trainees who passed trainings).
  • Handling out toolbox for supporting their career (intended for trainees who passed trainings).
  • Having properly certified and licensed electricians for every district.
  • Obtaining good public image for the organisation.
  • Creation of good relationship between PEA and communities.
  • Generating additional income for electricians.
  • Fostering income and career for local electricians across Thailand.
As an organisation that recognises the importance of electricity usage, PEA has since been dedicated to achieve its missions and will not abandon its responsibilities in supporting safe and sufficient use of electricity across the country.
Provincial Electricity Authority’s (PEA) main business is to produce, procure, deliver, distribute and provide electricity services for the public, businesses, and industries in order to meet customer needs and create satisfaction in quality and services. This is achieved by continually developing the organization with corporate social responsibility. PEA is responsible for power distribution in 74 provinces of Thailand, excluding Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samutprakarn. PEA is responsible for operating electrical management for approximately 510,000 square kilometers, in which it is equal to 99% areas of Thailand, with 19.36 million power users.