CTBC Human Capital Comprehensive Enhancement Plan

CTBC Financial Holding Co., Ltd.


Talent is key to winning the global competition; in line with the Company’s strategic development direction, CTBC proactively constructs comprehensive human capital mechanism, and formulates career development frameworks and incubation roadmaps for different positions and managerial talents at various levels, in order to enhance training and incubation of talents. With principles of “people-oriented, two-way communication, resources sharing,” CTBC aims to nurture their employees and help them grow and thrive.


  • Co-ops with international institutes to strengthen internationalisation and leadership. To nurture international financial leaders. CTBC cooperates with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, introducing professional financial knowledge and international leadership and management skills to successfully explore overseas markets. Co-op programmes are launched around the world, including customised classes and master symposiums held in Taiwan, as well as public courses and global forums held all around the world. Nearly 500 people attended the events in 2018, and they averaged over 10 hours of training per person. All the participants have given the programmes positive reviews and feedbacks, and the programmes have effectively enhanced management capacity and trained mid- to high-level leaders.
  • Producing “Talent Data” through precise evaluation to learn talent development needs. Through scientific, fair, and objective talent evaluation tools and professional advisory services, CTBC identifies qualities, motives, and strengths of talents to build its team of leaders. Utilising talent data (including leadership potential, team qualities, and scenario simulations), CTBC analyses training needs to design themes of classes. Not only does CTBC reference data, it also uses precise statistical analyses to establish a system that puts emphasis on data; combined with business development strategies, CTBC effectively carries out talent deployment and incubation. In 2018, CTBC completed high-level managers evaluation, high-level managers interview, and feedback on talent qualities by managers, and learned issues in the area of talent management to establish success paradigm and drive talent development.
  • Shaping learning organisation, first bank to introduce learning platform app. To tap into the rich human resource and attract international and digital talents, CTBC introduces diverse learning resources to offer convenient and quick leaning resources and platform, including online classroom and courses, Happiness Lecture, CommonWealth Leader Campus, English learning, and online library, and has also launched an App for login, viewing, and learning on tablets and smartphones, which allows employees to enhance own professional and managerial capabilities anytime, anywhere, establishing a sound foundation for diverse career developments. By the end of 2018, over 4,000 employees have downloaded the App and logged in for learning, saving 5,000 sheets of A4 paper and reducing 88 kg of carbon emissions.
  • Internal and external industry-academia integration for knowledge transfer, education, and learning. CTBC values and encourages internal culture of knowledge sharing; in addition to inviting high-level managers to serve as lecturers, CTBC also trains a team of professional and competent internal lecturers, and organises annual recognition. By the end of 2018, nearly 80% of all lectures were given by CTBC employees, making CTBC the leader in the industry. As for external cooperation, CTBC collaborates with National Chengchi University and CTBC Business School, to compile enterprise cases and pass down past management experience and decision-making wisdom, enhancing managers’ management, decision-making, and problem analysis and solving capabilities. The cases are also introduced to campuses to simultaneously educate students, nurturing future CTBC talents, and put focus on the development of “AI + FinTech,” as CTBC cooperates with schools for AI education and research, driving digital transition and fostering industry-ready AI talents.


CTBC adheres to corporate citizen principles, and strives to fulfil corporate social responsibility. “Family” is the foundation of their brand spirit “We Are Family,” as the Company strives to build a healthy and safe workplace, offer competitive compensations, and nurture and train employee skills, to solidify human capital and continue incubating outstanding financial professionals, so they can all serve clients together, enhance performances together, and achieve the goal of sustainability together.
CTBC Financial Holding Co., Ltd. was established on May 17, 2002 and is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. CTBC Holding’s subsidiaries include banking, insurance, securities, securities investment trust, venture capital, asset management, security and lottery. Looking ahead, CTBC will continue to uphold its brand spirit of “We are family” and corporate mission of “Protect and Build” as the Company strives to create values for customers, shareholders, and the society. CTBC aims to become “Taiwan Champion, Asia Leader”- a leading brand with the best corporate governance, and the most trusted financial institution by customers and shareholders.