Baxter is Making a Difference in our Communities

Baxter Healthcare Ltd


Baxter, a global healthcare company with 47,000 dedicated employees, drives top quantile performance in best practice to work across the globe by advancing transformative healthcare innovation and driving a high-performance organisation where employees pursue rewarding careers, promote an atmosphere of trust and take pride in how the Company brings their mission” saving and sustaining lives” to life.


  • Align. Check-in. Execute. (A.C.E) development model–Invest in people and develop talent to their fullest potential through ACE.

    With Baxter’s mission of saving and sustaining lives and outstanding corporate culture, the Company attracts top talents to expand access to healthcare and advance the next generation of innovations that enable patient care. Their task is to continuously motivate and develop these high-achievers by applying the framework of 10% training, 20% coaching/feedback and 70% working experience. Not only does the Company provide needsbased training opportunities, but also focus more on the roles of managers, ensuring they are equipped with the mindset and skills to provide constant feedback, guidance and support to the employees’ development through the monthly A.C.E model.

    Baxter encourages employees to pursuit diverse and growth-based experiences for individual career plan. Take one of local initiatives for example, Grand Mission Programme, designed for top talents ,along with internal/ external mentors to guide them through each step, from identifying the root cause to proposing strategies and possible. Developing talents by providing multiple trainings includes strategic thinking, problem solving, project management, presentation skills, etc. Within 3 to 6 months, most of those top talents have been promoted, role expanded, or rotated to other new positions.
  • Foster “BeWell” culture, hence our employees can do better by being well.

    As a global healthcare company, Baxter takes the health of our employees seriously and recognise that a healthy, productive workforce is vital to achieving the company goals. the Company believes that a sustainable health culture, BeWell@Baxter, shall lead to improved employee health and productivity. The initiatives they have implemented in Taiwan seeks to enhance the physical, mental and spiritual health of our employees. Baxter have a variety of employee clubs ,e.g. hiking, biking and camping; we offer annual physical training reimbursement to encourage employees to take regular exercise plan. The Company launched “biggest mover” health awareness campaign every May to encourage all employees to incorporate regular exercise into their daily life; and they organise monthly lunch and learn programmes on topics like healthy eating/cooking, stress release and continuous learning.
  • Culture transformation journey and social responsibility culture bedded in Baxter– Provide friendly working environment to maximise flexibility and contribute back to society and be a responsible corporate citizen with strong volunteerism culture.

    Baxter is committed to responsible corporate citizenship that creates lasting social, environmental and economic value. The Company’s continued growth in Taiwan helps us deliver sustainable results. As part of Baxter’s sustainability promise, Baxter helps communities in Taiwan to address a broad range of needs. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives focus on improving education, building awareness of chronic diseases, supporting youth services, and protecting the environment.


In Taiwan, Baxter employees are strongly encouraged to contribute their skills and expertise to benefit the local community. In 2018, the Company completed a total of 562 hours of volunteering through 15 different charities to benefit approx. 860 disadvantaged households that house roughly 570 underserved children. Employees help to foster such culture through their daily work efforts and passion for the business. They understand that they are accountable for society’s welfare and surroundings. With this understanding, the purpose of Baxter’s work - “save and sustain lives” – is truly embodied by everyone in the Company. With Baxter’s unique market position and outstanding corporate culture, they strive to continuously attract top talents.
Baxter has been operating in Taiwan for more than 35 years. Over the decades, the Company has worked closely with the Taiwanese government and healthcare sectors to make healthcare more cost-effective and accessible through home services, product innovations, trainings and education. As a leader in innovative treatments and therapies for patients with kidney disease, immune disorders, and other chronic and acute medical conditions, Baxter aims to save and sustain lives.