Navigating Happiness

AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited


AP Thailand’s new CSR initiative, which aims to serve as an integral part in the sustainable development of the country’s human resource. The Company, together with SATI Foundation, set forth in bringing happiness to at-risk and underprivileged children who have never been given the opportunity to truly explore their dreams and life goals. Through this new learning approach, the children learn to appreciate their own values and navigate the path where their happiness is nurtured and dreams become materialised.


This project is a unique approach to CSR initiative based on AP Thailand’s belief that the best kind of space is the one where happiness is shared. In addition to the development of living spaces and quality of life, AP Thailand wishes to give back happiness to the society through the creative and sustainable strategies of human resource development.

AP Thailand invites four volunteering educators, Pae MVL, Badin Charoenrat, renowned signer and songwriter, Chef Chudaree Thepakham, the first winner of Top Chef Thailand, Chachawan Chantachotibute, the up-and-coming, internationally recognised photographer, and Premchit Amnakmanee of D-Dance School, veteran dance instructor and choreographer of countless artists, to teach and work with the children who are not given the equal access to education. AP Thailand hopes that these experience will help children explore and find their own inspirations as they learn to value their self-worth through the life and professional skills gained, which can be further developed into a career in the future.

The project seeks to create greater awareness in the society about the importance of shared opportunities as well as the potential for this group of children to go through a proper and inspiring self-development process. AP Thailand welcomes everyone to participate in the campaign by posting photographs with smiles and smiley symbols on their social media channels with the hashtag #NavigatingHappiness. The Company will make THB 50 donation for every post with the money going directly to the project and SATI Foundation. The campaign has received overwhelming feedback from the online community.


With the positive reception from the public, the project has brought greater awareness on the issues revolving around youths-at-risk in today’s society. It encourages the public to engage and contribute through volunteering activities and to share their professional know-hows to this group of youth struggling in every part of the country, giving them a chance to better their lives, and ultimately making the society and the world a better place. The achievement of this campaign is showcased at Thailand’s Bangkok Design Week 2019 held earlier this year. Not only that, the project was featured in both Thai and international media outlets, spreading positive awareness about how shared experiences can create opportunities and promising a bright future to the younger generations in the country.


Aspired and committed to bring greater developments to people’s lives through both internal and external experiences, AP (Thailand) will continue to initiate and improve more sustainable strategies for their CSR activities. Using their expertise, the contributions which they bring to the society aims to create positive social impact where ‘people’ is the main focus. The Company believes that people are the key asset of every society’s successful and sustainable development.
AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited is Thailand’s leading property developer. For over 25 years, the Company has continually and sustainably contributed to Bangkok’s thriving urban development. Their mission is to be the most innovative and comprehensive developer of living spaces, AP Thailand is driven to deliver products and services that answer to people’s lifestyle and living preferences, bringing greater quality of life to their customers and ultimately the betterment of the society.