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JAPFA for Kids - Healthy Food Ambassadors

PT JAPFA Comfeed Indonesia Tbk


JAPFA for Kids is flagship of PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tbk Social Investment Programme. The programme is targeted rural student and has aim to raise awareness and promote children health. That aim is in-line with Indonesia statistic data that predict in the 2030 there will be demographic bonuses. In the next two decades, Indonesia will have the highest number of productive age citizen throughout centuries.

This project aims to promote healthy food consumption and increasing nutritious food intake for elementary student in the rural area. To achieve it, JAPFA re-introduce local nutritious food source based on the local culinary. Reinventing local knowledge on food diet is start with holistic understanding on the local vegetables, protein sources and moreover local diet.

To ensure that knowledge is reintroduce, JAPFA create Healthy food ambassadors in every elementary schools. This ambassador has main task to increasing their capability to understand food supply start from producing it. Therefore, one of the important tasks is to grow vegetables at the school garden. After it is ready to harvest, the ambassadors must have capability to prepare it as healthy food. And in order to share its knowledge, the healthy food ambassador should create a campaign activity at their schools with their teacher helps to promote healthy food consumption to their peers


This project is a response to Indonesian student health postures. The postures advice that Indonesia has two different problem, lack of nutritious students and on the other hand there are obesity problem. Those problem is sources from unhealthy and unbalanced food consumption. To tackle this problem, JAPFA launches JAPFA for kids Healthy Food ambassadors.

This project started with introducing students about their local food sources and culinary. This project is aimed to increasing knowledge of the ambassadors about finding food source, prepare it, and consume it. To create holistic approach, this programme is introducing healthy food starting from growing vegetables at the school garden, harvesting it, preparing it as meal, and consuming it.

The six months programme has three main target groups. first, educate healthy food ambassadors from each school to understand about healthy food start from it source until consume it. Second, increasing teacher capacity to assist and educate healthy food ambassadors. And third, educating other students about healthy food consumption by the healthy food ambassadors using peer to peer educations methods.

The three approaches of this programme was able to create sustainable ways to reintroduce local nutritious food consumption. Students not only understood how nutritious balanced food is, but also how to source and prepare for it.


During 2018, JAPFA was able to educate up to 454 healthy food ambassadors from up to 70 schools from seven municipals in six Province. Through this initiative, there are up to 90% schools already transform their school canteen to serve more healthy and nutritious food and also have school garden that produce vegetables and herbs. Moreover, up to 80% of schools already implement programme to promoting healthy meals like healthy lunch box day.


In the near future, JAPFA for Kids healthy food ambassador will increase its peer to peer education model as a tool to increasing its impact to wider beneficiaries. To ensure its impact, JAPFA will focus on the increasing ambassador capacity and its teachers to support the initiatives. On the other hand, regenerations of the ambassador after the programmes also became another concern for this programme. This strategy will ensure the sustainability of the initiative after the project ends.
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