Nan Shan Charity Fund for Community Health Care Programme

Nan Shan Life Insurance Co., Ltd.


Nan Shan Life Insurance has been deeply cultivating Taiwan for more than 55 years. It realised many vulnerable people cannot afford medical expenses. In an aging society, Taiwan’s medical care and long-term care was resources outage, and unfair medical resources between urban and rural areas. It is a major issue in Taiwan society.

Nan Shan Life Charity Foundation launched the “Nan Shan Charity Fund for Community Health Care programme” in 2013 to help the underprivileged. With a partnered network of nearly 200 hospitals across Taiwan, the Company donated a total of NTD 330million and offered assistance to 30,000 people. In addition, its volunteers nationwide have greatly extended health-caring services to local communities, allowing them to build a comprehensive health-caring network around Taiwan. In order to realise and understand the effort of the project, they implemented the SROI (Social Return On Investment) process, converted the outcome into concrete figures, and created 4.54 social dollar in social value.

To maximise their public services influences in society, Nan Shan Life Charity Foundation hosted“Nan Shan Medical Social Worker Award”that support the medical social worker to extend their ability and encourage more people to help others.


The project was implement through the following steps:
  • Assess requirements and confirm implementation guidelines
  • Establish a comprehensive network and hospitals to hand in hand for clients.
  • Enhance medical equipment and resources, and build community medical care energy
  • Integrate the Nan Shan volunteers in the local area, take root in the community, and establish a comprehensive medical health network.
  • Continue to expand influence of Public interest around Taiwan.
The Strategies of the project into the Company’s corebusiness are:
  • “Active care” and “Altruism” motto of the insurance, to create a new blueprint for Taiwan’s health
  • Practice the “action force” of the business and walk into the hospital, to become an important force in Taiwan’s health care
  • Starting from charity care, implement the core value of insurance. Establishing a hospital stagnation service, providing the “action force” of the risk protection consulting service practice business, and entered the hospital, becoming an important force in Taiwan’s health care
  • Taking health promotion as the main axis, extending from medical assistance to community care, it is the health of Taiwanese people.


More than half a century since Nan Shan Life was incorporated and started life insurance services in Taiwan. Holding fast to the belief that “Insurance is for charity and caring service,” the Company launched the “Nan Shan Charity Fund for Community Health Care Programme”.

As of December 2018, the Programme has achieved the following results:
  • Implement process of the SROI, ensure every dollars into the project, created 4.54 social value.
  • The project ranked first in the cooperative hospital questionnaire survey
  • Overall satisfaction of hospital volunteer was 96%, and more than 95% of volunteers were willing to continue to serve.
  • Over 90% participants were satisfied with training courses


Gaining positive feedback from general public, Nan Shan Life will carry out sustainability and impact through:
  • Maintaining the “Nan Shan Medical Social Worker Award” and exerting its influence to help social workers share experience and improve the status in the hospital.
  • By carrying out the results of the “SROI” programme and enhancing service content, such as volunteer training courses and establishing multi-service plan.
  • Expanding the service scope of “ Nan Shan Charity Fund for Community Health Care Programme” and maximising the influence of the project
Fewer organisation can provide health programmes that can combine fee and service optimally. Holding fast to the belief that “Insurance is for charity and caring service”, “Nan Shan Charity Fund for Community Health Care Programme” will continue to provide caring services and assistance to more people in need.
Founded in 1963, Nan Shan Life Insurance Co., Ltd is one of the longestestablished insurance companies in Taiwan. The Company commits to serving public welfare, providing services that pay attention to individual needs, and offering a variety of innovative products to help customers acquire the protection needed. As a responsible corporate citizen, it brings together resources of the Nan Shan Life Charity Foundation and over 340 offices across Taiwan with more than 30,000 agents and staff in supporting minorities and Community health care, creating more warmth and happiness for Taiwan’s society.