Green Energy From Industrial Waste

Better World Green Public Company Limited


Better World Green Public Company Limited has long supported waste management activities in the country, reducing waste problems, promoting healthy society and becoming a source of energy for the country. The construction of the Company’s first industrial waste power plant in 2015 was well recognised nationwide as the initial movement in turning waste to Refuse-Derived Fuel, having helped reduce a large number of wastes since its completion in 2017.The Company aims to be the leader in waste-to-energy industry by effectively managing waste in a sustainably innovative way while environmentally supporting the society and the benefits of the nation.


The intention of Better World Green Public Company Limited was to create an innovative way of reducing the nation’s waste problems while supporting energy sector to promote sustainable power generation in remote areas where electricity was unstable. To achieve this, research and development is important in creating stable fuel contents, which have resulted in stable electricity production from its initiation. The use of emission-controlled technology shows strong intention on environmental concerns.

Public acceptance was partly received during pre-construction, the Company raised confidence by acknowledging the community, bringing them as a part of construction committee and providing people jobs.


The production of electricity has successfully achieved and met all public requirements. To date, the project has received a number of recognitions as the first green powerplant, also it has opened as an innovative learning centre. The surrounding community has benefited from recruitments, the environment well protected, and the nation’s clean energy. Many CSR projects have been continuously processed to create a strong relationship between Better World Green Public Company Limited and the community.


The growing number of industrial wastes each year is improperly disposed, and only a small sum have been used in power generation. With government policy to reduce waste problems and its promotion in clean energy, the project can be expanded in the long-term, giving benefits to both the country and the company. Accordingly, future CSR projects will emphasise promotion of public education in environmental concerns including supporting funds for privates and educational institutions to help improve the nation’s environment.
Better World Green Public Company Limited is a waste management company that offers services including disposal, transportation and incineration, and covers waste-to-energy field by turning astes into alternative fuels for its power plants.