MWA Corporate Governance Council

Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA)


The MWA Corporate Governance Council derived from “CG My Idol Project” which was the project of searching a leader and a role model in corporate governance from employees since 2012 – 2015. It is the first state enterprise which founded the Corporate Governance Council. In 2016, Board of Directors provided Anti-Corruption Policy which focused on corruption prevention as following declaration “MWA with Transparency and Corruption Free” through adding more channels for reporting problems and fault clues within the organisation. The MWA Corporate Governance Council should be founded and the regulation was issued as the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority Act No. 138, Corporate Governance Council of the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority A.D 2016. The MWA CG Council aims to build righteousness and strengthen morality, virtue and corporate governance within the organisation. Staff within organization can share opinions, concerns and problems and also looks after things for the organisation.


The MWA CG Council is found in accord with the National Strategy (2017-2036), the National Anti-Corruption Strategy (2017-2021) and the 4th MWA’s Strategic Management Planning (2017-2021) that aims MWA to be a high performance organisation with excellent corporate governance, reaching international standard and responding to all stakeholders need.

When MWA CG Council was founded, there was an appointment of Education Commission and MWA CG Council to study the rules, regulations and related act both internal and external organisations. After that, there was a public hearing and survey from MWA employees and executives. Next, the draft of MWA CG Council was delivered to Legal Department for revision before presented to MWA Board of Directors for approval and signed on the regulation announcement for MWA CG Council establishment which now, there are 101 people from election and 15 people are selected to be in MWA CG Council Commission.


The MWA CG Council has established MWA CG Council Action Plans in order to build confidence, faith and corruption solutions. Furthermore, it can drive operations of MWA to be more effective and efficient with sustainable growth which will lead to excellent service to customers and raise stakeholders’ trust and confidence. From the result of operations, it could increase Integrity and Transparency Assessment (ITA) score to be more than 90 percent which is shown that MWA is well-managed organisation with high level of integrity and transparency. There are many external organisations which are interested in MWA CG Council such as Anti-Corruption Center, Moral Center, Office of National Anti-Corruption Commission etc. In 2017, MWA received award from Office of National Anti-Corruption Commission; and in 2018, the score of ITA in part of internal stakeholders increased and got overall score of 92.40 percent which was higher than the target.


In the future, the MWA CG Council hopes to emphasise on the working standards as righteous and transparent practices, applying corporate governance principles in order to maximise stakeholder satisfactions and result in an increasing ITA score. The Council plans to act as the role model to other state enterprise organisations and companies; moreover, and the council has the main liaison linking between executives and employees, encouraging better employee engagement and organisation commitment as well as other stakeholders’ trust. For this result, it shall be coordination mechanism from MWA policies to organisational practices, regarding three aspects which are ‘Personnel’ (Appointment/ Transfer / Welfare etc.), ‘Work’ (Proper Chain of Command / Administration / Input- Output Relation) and a problem of ‘Economy’ (Value for investment / Procurement).
Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) is a state enterprise under the Ministry of Interior. It started its operation on 16 August 1967 under the Metropolitan Waterworks Act B.E. 2510 (AD 1967) with an obligation to provide raw water sources for waterworks activities, including producing, distributing and selling treated water in Bangkok - Nonthaburi - Samuthprakan, and running other businesses related or beneficial to the waterworks.