Solid Corporate Governance Led by Professional Managers

E.SUN Financial Holding Co., Ltd.


E.SUN has built its corporate governance practices on the bases of honesty and integrity as well as on its code of ethics. It has created a consistent internal system and internal audit procedure by integrating from various sources, effectively ensuring that E.SUN’s business activities comply with international regulations and reducing and preventing operational risks. E.SUN strives to create long-term value for its employees, customers, shareholders, other companies, as well as society as a whole.


  • Diverse Board Members
    E.SUN maintains a well-designed director election system. All directors are elected through a fair, open, and just process that complies with the Articles of Incorporation and Director Election Rules. Board composition and diversity standards are fully considered to ensure that the board will consist of experts from not only the financial sector, but also from other industries and academia. In addition, directors will be provided with a variety of external courses to help them gain a better understanding of their fields and fulfil their duties of loyalty and due diligence as business decision makers and leaders. In 2018, each director participated in an average of 8.23 hours of training (6 hours is recommended by law). The board currently has two female directors, and its proportion of female directors is higher than the average among all TWSE/TPEx listed companies. The level of female involvement in decision-making will be increased in accordance with the principle of diversity in the future to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 5: empower all women and girls.
  • Complete and Diverse Communication Channel
    E.SUN conveys complete corporate information to external parties, through such channels as a spokesperson, a public relations department, an investor relations department, a shareholder affairs department, an official website, annual report, and CSR report. In addition to effectively engaging shareholders and investors, E.SUN also gathers comments and opinions from external parties, which are given to management to facilitate decision making.


E.SUN continues to support the capabilities of the board of directors and management capabilities of the management team while dedicating itself to increasing transparency to protect shareholders’ rights and fulfil its corporate social responsibility. The Company is the best performing company in ESG evaluation at home and abroad. E.SUN FHC has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for five consecutive years and has become a member of DJSI World for the 3rd time. Moreover, the Company received the highest AA rating in the Taiwan Financial sector from the MSCI ESG. In Taiwan, E.SUN ranked among the Top 5% in the Corporate Governance Evaluation produced by the TWSE for the 4th consecutive year between 2015 and 2018. As an active participant of corporate governance evaluation certification, the Company has since 2008 excelled in the evaluation, which was organised by the Corporate Governance Association in Taiwan, and in 2018, it received an Excellent rating in the CG6011 (2017) Corporate Governance assessment. The honour is a recognition of the Company’s commitment to corporate governance and the results it has achieved.


While investing in sustainable development, E.SUN saw the importance of keeping pace with international development, including guidelines for preparing CSR reports, challenges of human rights and climate change issues, and responses thereto. Financial industry-specific issues, such as digital banking innovation, green finance, inclusive finance, and AML/CFT, all require the Company’s long-term efforts. E.SUN is actively responding to the UN’s 17 SDGs and has prioritised 9 SDGs related to financial development and material issues.

Speaking to its outlook on the future, the E.SUN will continue to utilise its expertise and influence in the financial industry and give consideration to social inclusion and environmental sustainability while driving economic development. By doing so, E.SUN will be able to create long-term value for both the Company and its stakeholders, and together the Company will be able to create a better future.
Under the leadership of the founder Mr. Yung-Jen Huang, a group of likeminded financial professionals embarked on a mission to “build the best bank” by incorporating E.SUN in 1992. It was named after the highest mountain in Taiwan, Mount Jade. E.SUN Bank set up a professional management team to establish a banker’s bank, and is committed to being the best bank in Taiwan. E.SUN’s business philosophy is “Expertise, Service, and Business”, and the abbreviation “ESB” is also initials of its name, E.SUN Bank. E.SUN fulfils its commitment to this philosophy by cultivating professional banking talent and offering its customers the highest quality of service.