Ease Organic: The Organic Farming to ease farmers based on 3Win concept.

Energy Absolute PCL

“Alongside our green business, EA always puts priority on preserving the environment and helping grassroots farmers to get out of poverty and unhealthy living condition by co-creating the sustainable self-dependent communities”


The word “EASE” of Ease Organic stands for EA (Energy Absolute) and SE (Social Enterprise). Together, EASE is meant for easing and alleviating pains or problems of the society.

Ease Organic was initiated to introduce an alternative source of income for farmers in communities nearby EA’s Solar farms in Nakhonsawan and Phitsanulok of Thailand. The project aims at easing the farmers based on 3Win approach for happy and healthy Farmers, Consumers and the Earth by its merit of non-toxic agriculture and higher market value of organic produce.

The way EA aims at supporting the communities aligns with its core value on sustainability and environmental friendliness. In addition to regular support on infrastructure need and community activities through charity, EA believes and focuses more on helping people to stand on their own feet for self-reliance and sustainability in the long run.


The implementation framework of Ease Organic was built around these main roles of Ease Team:
  • Organic farming mentor, facilities and technology supporter
  • Value chain integrator from Farms to Consumers
  • Leverage collaboration with alliances and other private organizations
Ease Team experimented and provided training on organic farming to the pilot groups of 14 farmers and integrated the value chain from farm to consumers. EA has supported on the resource and facilities including the plantation area underneath the 5-meter-above -ground solar panels in Phitsanulok, of which one of the farm’s uniqueness. Today, Ease Organic farmers have planted and supplied organic vegetables, rice and drinks to customers in local communities and Bangkok area on weekly basis.

A key to project success is thanks to project’s experiments for innovation and Co-CSR collaboration with the alliances on organic farming technology, backhaul logistics sharing and market development. Those include Maejo University, Harmony Life, 1-Rai 1-Sane farmers group, Food Passion, Villa Market, TopM and retail consumers of EA and other private companies on Ratchadapisek road and nearby areas.


After a year with 80% farmer retention, the remaining 12 farmers nowadays have good knowledge and skill in organic farming in total area of 35 Rais, producing a wide variety of salad lettuces, vegetables for cooking, rice, sugarcane, mulberry and herbs as safe food and beverage.

From zero belief in organic farming, today they value its goodness and deem it the potential source of income that can also save their health and pave their way to self-dependence in future.

The project merit is not only to the farmers, but also spread to the environment and people in their communities. The farmers in program are the pioneer who promoted non-toxic organic produces for the very first time in their hometown, to schools and hospitals. Every week, their organic produces have been delivered to over 500 consumers in Nakhonsawan, Phitsanulok and Bangkok.

Interest in organic farming and awareness in food safety has been raised significantly since the project began. And each year, Ease Team has also contributed in teaching organic farming to over 200 students in schools nearby in their agricultural class and farm visits.


During the most challenging initial 3 years of organic farming, Ease Organic will continue to give support on tools and technology development to improve farming, reduce risk and maintain good quality crop as well as product development for long-term standing in market through R&D and collaboration with alliances based on CSV (Creating Shared Value) approach.

EA envisions the success of pioneer farmers will lead to the natural expansion of local farmers to be trained by their predecessors. Apart from 350 Rais-land as a support for expansion, EA will pursue all means for expanding the impact for the better income of farmers, the better lives of all people involved and the well-preserved earth of us all.
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