Kitchen For Kids

S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited

“This CSR activity aims to improve the hygienic condition of the school’s kitchen and educate good practice for nutritious cooking. By doing this, the school will have a standard cooking place for students and staff leading to their good quality of life.”


For 43 years in food and beverage industry, S&P has accumulated the specialization in managing the chained restaurant, the bakery shop and the food production. The CSR project called S&P Kitchen for Kids, which initiated in 2009, was thus built on this background. It is regarded as a main mission of the business operation in consideration of society, with executives and employees participating in it. This CSR activity aims to improve the hygienic condition of the school’s kitchen and educate good practice for nutritious cooking. By doing this, the school will have a standard cooking place for students and staff leading to their good quality of life. The project also helps promoting the sustainable agriculture for schools. Most of all, it is considered one of the missions of the company to make them learn how to improve their quality of lives and to give a sustainable return back to the society and community.


Each year, the project will start from surveying the needy school for improving the standard kitchen; the PR staff will observe and discuss with the targeted school. Then the specialists from S&P will be brought to share their knowledge in kitchen sanitation with schools. Besides, the kitchen equipment will be donated. The Company also supported the sustainable farming to help each school preparing their own quality and fresh raw materials for cooking meal and at the same time the farm will be a good learning center for the students.

There are two unique aspects of this project. First while, the Kitchen for Kids Project focuses on the sanitation of the kitchen and also the nutrition of the food provided. Also, the specialists from the company can suggest how to utilize the local products to create a delicious meal for students. The school staff and the students will then have sufficient quantity and quality meal. Second, this project was not just a ‘donation-style project. It, however, is in fact a ‘tailor-made style’. The Company has tried its best to develop each school’s kitchen in according to its requirement.


For the past 8 years of the project, there are totally 22 schools who participated. Each school’s kitchen has been improved while the school’s staff and students have been equipped with knowledge on sanitation. As for the school’s sustainable farming, each school can save much of its budget for buying material for cooking. Moreover, any schools can gain money from selling products. After that, we also sent staff to follow up and assess the sustainability of the project which result of each school ranged in good and excellent level. Since the schools have experienced the real benefit from it, the word of mouth have been spread. Recently more schools asked S&P to visit their school for supporting the kitchen’s sanitation improvement. This project could then be considered one of the crucial factors supporting each school to achieve the target for providing the nutritious, clean and delicious food for its own students.


S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited has been doing CSR activities earnestly, whether regarding the education of disadvantaged students by admitting them to S&P Learning Center at vocational certificate level; another popular one is the free of charge meditation practice and the dharma course at Baan Raiva for the public. In environmental aspect, the factory has improved its quality and standardization systems by installing solar roof to reduce energy use of the production line, last year. The company’s conscious of corporate social responsibility in the areas of business by concentrate upon doing CSR in process. However, for S&P Kitchen for Kids, it is not only the contribution of financial support and knowledge to help improving the quality of the juveniles who will become the important human resource of the nation in the future. The project is also the platform for the Company’s executives and employees to do the social activity together. The project has been continued with 2-4 schools participated in each year. The Company plans to continue this project to cover more schools, especially in the rural area.
S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited has operated the restaurant and bakery business. It is also one among the leaders in custom-made cake decoration and cartoon-designed cake in Thailand. The company has also been successful in introducing other brands such as Patara Fine Thai Cuisine, Vanilla, BlueCup Coffee, etc. For the overseas business, the company operates with a total of 25 branches in 6 countries. The restaurant was well-accepted and improved popularity of Thai food in overseas market. Our principles of doing sustainable business are Quality, Value and Virtue.