Community Empowerment through Social Mitigation Program

PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI)

“Community development program implemented by BPI has initiate various Micro Enterprise Group (MEG) that currently reached 122 groups with total member of 1.896 persons spreading in 14 villages on project area.”


PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) develop, constructs and operates Coal Fired Power Plant 2 x 1,000 MW in Batang Regency, Central Java Province (“CJ CFPP”) and become the first infrastructure project in Indonesia that is implemented in Public-Private Partnership (“PPP”) scheme and also part of the Master Plan of Acceleration and Expansion in Indonesia Economy Development (“MP3EI”). BPI is committed to the community empowerment as well as sustainable community development. Its Community Empowerment Program (CEP) is implementation of BPI’s strong commitment and efforts to empower surrounding community, bringing positive impact in environmental, social & economic aspects. CEP covers affected farmers, fishermen & general community surrounding CJ CFPP, to support self-reliance and sustainable community development.


As a long term infrastructure project, living in a harmony with the surrounding community becomes most important. The presences of CJ CFPP in project area are not solely for commercial purposes but also for sharing benefit with the society. Our CSR program aims to support the sustainable growth of local community and to build a close relationship and live harmoniously with the community. This has become a basic philosophy in the bottom up and hand-in-hand CSR programs based on needs, socio-cultural conditions, and community-based potential. Furthermore, the programs are structured to collaborate with government programs in developing regions.


Community development program implemented by BPI has initiated various Micro Enterprise Group (MEG) that currently reached 122 groups with total member of 1.896 persons spreading in 14 villages on project area. MEG runs various business types, ranging from manufacturing to business services. BPI also supports establishment of 3 Micro Finance Institutions and KOMIDA (Grameen Bank Model) activities in order to finance MEGs and other community activities. The development of MEG purposes is to nurture a self-contained and highly competitive society. Meanwhile, community involvement of our CSR programs continues to increase and making the program absorption and outreach become wider. Not only “Economic Development”, but our CSR activities have also covered “Education”, Health”, “Infrastructure” and “Social Culture & Environment”. This success was gained recognition by achieving a number of CSR awards in Indonesia.


Our CSR program aims to empower the local community to gain and generate a variety of potentials to grow as well as promote close partnership and trust between BPI and local community. The activities shall not be one shot, but keep running long time with further progress and evolutions in better quality and wider coverage. We will walk together with local community.
PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) is a Special Purpose Company (SPC) to develop and operate Central Java Coal Fired Power Plant 2x1000MW in Batang, Central Java, which is owned by J-POWER (Japan), PT Adaro Power (Indonesia) and Itochu Co (Japan).