FWD in Partnership with PWD

FWD Life Insurance Public Company Li

“WE hire them not because of their DISABILITIES but their ABILITIES”


This program started from the impression we had by working with people with disabilities (PWD) four years ago. We were surprised impressively with their passion to work and motivation to adapt themselves with new friends and environment. Therefore, when our company wanted to increase service capacity as to increasing number of customers, our management and down line managers have decided to include PWD in this expansion plan. Our aims are:

To give PWD long term job opportunity with career growth by developing them to stand on their own legs and help inspire others in the area to do the same.

To lead by example so that other employers will see our good deeds and start doing something with their capability to help improve the quality of life of PWD because we believe that a simple act of caring creates endless ripple.


At FWD “Care for People” is always the core value and a primary goal. FWD considers PWD as an important factor to achieve our core value. We hire PWD not because of their disabilities but their abilities. This is our commitment to build sustainable growth for PWD. Along the process of recruiting, engaging, training & developing them to perform their work life effectively. Finally, with a strong partnership between FWD and PWD, we will “succeed together” as stated in our core value.


Having been working with PWD, we have seen their life improve satisfactorily. They feel more proud of and more respectful to themselves. In addition, they made a significant progress toward FWD vision of “change the way people feel about insurance” by delivering an exceptional service experience to our customers and received lots of positive feedbacks i.e. a customer posted on Facebook that she was surprised to receive such a birthday greeting call from an insurance company (FWD) as she always received a call and hung up in seconds after knowing the call was made by an insurance sales representative, some customer even asked them to sing a happy birthday song to their kid, some customer mentioned that even her husband forgot her birthday. These are just only a few examples we received. We did not hesitate to share and let them know that they have become FWD ambassadors.


FWD group aims to be the leading insurance company in Asia Pacific while FWD Thailand’s goal is to become one of the top 5 insurance companies in year 2018. This direction will create a lot of OPPORTUNITIES in expanding and strengthening manpower growth to align with our business growth. With a newly added distributed contact center at Redemptorist Vocational School, we believe our goal can be achieved. We have prepared office capacity to serve 20 seats and can be expanded up to 30 seats. We also planned to consider this site to replace outsourced service company at the end of the day.
FWD is a fresh insurance company for aspirational people who are looking forward to their lives ahead. We believe that life is all about living your passion and pursuing happiness; it’s our commitment to empower people to live their lives to the fullest every day.