Caring for the Elderly with Dementia

Fubon Life Insurance

“Fubon Life is the leading life insurer in Taiwan. The company not only delivers a brilliant performance, but also leverages its core competency in fulfilling its social responsibility and promotes the brand spirit of bringing “positive energy” to the society.”


Fubon Life fulfills its promise in caring for the society in Taiwan. In response to Taiwan’s aging society and the government’s Long-Term Care 2.0 policy, Fubon Life focused its charity efforts on expanding the breadth and depth of “caring for the elderly”. The company intends to improve the living quality of the elderly population by promoting four positive forces: fighting dementia, promoting good health, expanding influence and developing the capacity of immediate response.


Fighting Dementia: Fubon Life implements the “fighting dementia” program from the three major aspects of health promotion, community support and financial protection. The company initiated a guarding angel program for dementia population by turning the sales agencies island-wide as friendly supporting centers for elderly with dementia.

The key actions include:(1) Help increasing the dementia guarding angel’s number by more than 30% by having the 30,000 employees complete a training course for helping dementia patients. (2) Turn the 400 plus sales agencies island-wide as dementia supporting centers, making Fubon Life the company with the largest number of dementia supporting centers in Taiwan; (3) Promote the dementia patient bracelet and the develop the mechanism to look for the lost elderly with dementia. In 2016. The company had put the bracelet on more than 2000 elderly people’s arms, which increased the bracelet’s penetration rate by 3.3%;(4)Promote board games among elderly population to delay the symptoms of dementia.

Promoting good health: In response to the impact and potential risk brought by the aging society, Fubon Life leverages its core competency by introducing usage-based insurance products with spillover effects and benefit-in-kind products to respond to the trend. To promote public health, Fubon Life hosted power walks events island-wide to encourage people to engage in outdoors activities. The company also hosted basketball tournaments for people over 50, which is the first tournament to be certified by FIBA in Taiwan, to help people lead a happy retirement life.

Expanding Influence: Fubon Life initiated a Good Neighbor program to partner with government agencies, private enterprises and NGOs with the same ideas to support the local community. The company also actively promotes the neighborhood service program and charity ambassador program to encourage employees to propose charity programs for the local community. In 2016, the company has executed more than 100 local charity projects for the elderly, underprivileged children and public health.

Developing the capacity of immediate response: Fubon Life leads the industry in developing emergency response centers to serve the purpose of coordination and resource allocation in the time of major natural disaster or public safety emergencies (ex. the Tainan earthquake on Feb. 6th, 2016). Fubon Life also recruits volunteers from the employees to deliver its disaster relief efforts in a more efficient and systematic manner. Fubon Life also continues to support the orphans caused by earthquakes by funding their education and living.


In 2016, Fubon Life has devoted nearly 35,000 people/times in charity activities (including volunteers) and helped nearly 200,000 people/ times around the country. Fubon Life fulfilled the industry’s mission of promoting social stabilization by the aforementioned four positive forces. The company expects to help the society reduce the impact of an aging population and provide the people with a better living quality.


Fulfilling corporate social responsibility has been one of the focuses of Fubon Life when it comes to sustainable operation. In response to the fact that Taiwan will enter a super aging society by 2025-2026, Fubon Life has included tackling the problem of an aging society in the core strategy of the company. The company intends to meet the demands of an aging society in terms of insurance product development, service planning and charity program.
Founded in 1987, Fubon Life is a leading brand in the life insurance industry in Taiwan. The company not only delivers a brilliant performance (profit after tax of NT$28.688 billion and an EPS of NT$4.13 in 2016), but also pursues sustainable development by leveraging the core competency in fulfilling social responsibility and promoting the brand spirit of bringing “positive energy” to the society.