Movie For Everyone

CJ CGV Vietnam (CGV)

“CGV is the leading cinema operator and film distributor in Vietnam , operating 44 cinemas and 275 screens in 15 provinces nationwide. Movie For Everyone is one of its key annual CSR programs, aiming to bring a truly cinematic experience to the remote areas in Vietnam.”


Movie for Everyone is a social responsibility program held by CGV, maintained from 2011 to bring cinema closer to all audiences in Vietnam, particularly high quality movies. Up to now, the program has introduce movie experience to more than 13,000 audiences in remote provinces across the country where the conditions for film exposure are still limited. CGV wants to do the best to support in improving the existing entertainment infrastructure for rural remoted areas in Vietnam.

This is also our mission to contribute to the sound growth of Vietnam film industry. Movie for Everyone is among our activities to make the mission come true. By providing the good platform for people to enjoy the high-quality movie and experience the best entertainment infrastructure, we hope to build up their love with movies, especially for children, the next generation of the country.


Each year, the project would focus on 1 specific target group in rural area nationwide. In 2016, this is the first year we cooperated with Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Vietnam Cinema Department to organize the program in larger scale and we’ll continuously liaise with respective government offices and media channels for the program in upcoming years. In the scope of the project, we organized activities, including:

Free movie screening for participants by using big screen with high quality Christine projector and professional sound system. In each project, CGV selects one famous and suitable film for people to enjoy.

Delivering scholarships for unprivileged students to support their living.

Delivering financial support for students’ meals to improve meal quality.

Donating projectors to all districts’ governor in order to support them in their screening activities for local citizens.


By far of 2016, the project had reached 13,000 people including: local people, student, and children in rural areas across the country. This leading CSR project in Vietnam movie industry has inspired not only thousand participants but also other groups of people in community to care more about the other side to enrich their soul and life which is entertainment experiences.

The process to obtain concrete feedbacks and evaluation would be from the post impressions sharing by government authorities, media, social community, internal employees, and those who took part in the program. The designated person-in-charges will provide insights and feedback of the program. Up till now, the program has become one of the most awaiting entertainment programs for rural community every year.

Mr. Vuong Duy Bien – Vice Minister of Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism once said: “Movie for Everyone is a good opportunity for minority children to enjoy high-quality film, and to enhance their passion with cinema. It also helps to shorten the gap of entertainment quality among areas of Vietnam.”


In human life, both mental and physical healthiness are equally important. People used to donate clothes, food, water or education; but sometimes missed to care for the mental health of the poor. Therefore, with our company’s advantage on cinema and projection technique, we have created this project to cover the fact. Our aim is creating a feel of amaze to experience something that is so normal to modern life but so rare in their neighborhood.

Through our activities, with meaningful movies about stories of love, life and friendship, many disadvantage people could gain more determinations to reach their dreams and desires in life. With this good will, CGV expects to invest more in the infrastructure and human resources of cineplex in provinces as well as to continue sharing our vision toward the world of a better life, a higher dream.
CJ CGV Vietnam (CGV) is a unit of the CJ Group (from Korea), one of the top five largest movie theaters in the world and the largest cineplex in Vietnam with 44 cinemas and 275 auditoriums across the country (by April of 2017).