100 Singha Sufficient Schools

Boon rawd Brewery Co., Ltd.

“The key factor is the simplicity of this initiative; it costs just 1000 USD and a small portion of a school’s space but gives back more in the long run.”


100 Singha Sufficient Schools, was first initiated by Piti Bhirombhakdi, The Board of Director of Boon Rawd Brewery.,Ltd. His intention was based on the fact that the ‘Self-sufficient Economy’ concept is perceived by most of the Thai people, which truly benefit everyone if it were to be educated and implemented effectively. Therefore, he and the team (Singha Arsa) came up with the idea of implementing the self-sufficient economy concept through a school program.

  • To educate schools in rural or underdeveloped areas about the concept of self-sufficient economy by the late His Majesty the King Rama IX.
  • To incorporate real-life learning program to 100 schools all over Thailand within 2017.


This project connected with Boon Rawd’s Corporate Social Responsibility unit, Singha Arsa. The team, although started within the company, had grown into a nationwide network of students who are passionate about doing good-will activities for their communities and developed with Pan and Panpimol Pankham, the leader of Local Wisdom Center in Chiang Rai, to teach children about the concept in real life with the creative use of their school’s space, turning it into an experiential learning center. The center consists of a ranch for 100 chickens, vegetable and 500 mushrooms plantation and ponds for 800 catfishes, all of which are just under the budget of 30,000 THB (approximately 1,000 USD), which is expected to turn in profit within 3 months with selling of excess products to the families in the neighborhood market. The unique implementation is to let children learning by doing with fun environment.


Our project is, as the name of it, self-sufficient in every aspect. The key factor is the simplicity of this initiative; it costs just 1000 USD and a small portion of a school’s space but gives back more in the long run. There are three achievements of each school, which are 1. Children are able to feed themselves 2. Children can share products to their family and 3. They can sell the excess products to local market and return profit to next plantation. Moreover, the knowledge of self-sufficient economy can be shared to the community.


As of now there are 100 numbers of schools registered for this initiative and 51 schools have implemented the program. We are rolling out the project to as much school as possible in relation to our capabilities.
Boon Rawd Brewery, Thailand’s first brewery, was founded in 1933 by Praya Bhirombhakdi. For over 80 years, as trustworthy and credible brand of Thai people, we value our consumer’s happiness more than success on numbers. As integral part of Thai society, Boon Rawd Brewery is proud of its reputation as a good corporate neighbor and continues to produce products of the highest quality, and continue to give back to society in many different ways.