Samsung Smart Learning Center

Thai Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

“Samsung Smart Learning Center program was born out of our strong commitment to providing opportunities in education that accelerate discoveries and possibilities. To date, the program has implemented the Classroom of the Future in 47 schools across Thailand to encourage the development of 21st Century Skills within Thai students in order to prepare them for the future.”


In the field of education, Thai Samsung Electronics equips children across Thailand with 21st century skills so that they can thrive in the modern world. Improving education in Thailand has become a priority for both the government and the private sector, and Thai leaders are aware of its importance for social progress as well as the country’s future competitiveness. The Samsung Smart Learning Center is a creative solution that combines Problem-based Learning techniques with Samsung innovation to create “classrooms for the future” that can quickly and effectively generate positive change.

Samsung Smart Learning Centers have been established in 47 schools in all regions of Thailand, benefitting more than 3,000 teachers and 70,000 schoolchildren.

The goal of the program is to help students to become life-long, self-directed learners who possess the necessary soft skills to survive and thrive in the global economy of the 21st century.


SSLC is a comprehensive, instant-on solution, designed to deliver perceptible changes in students within one academic year. Once vetted schools have been selected to join the program, new furniture, books, and Samsung innovation are set up in a classroom on the school grounds. Key teachers and a group of students will then participate in workshops where they get to experience teaching and learning using student-centered pedagogy which will be replicated in their schools.

Samsung Smart Learning Center (SSLC) becomes synonymous with creative and innovative learning experiences. Parents are delighted with their children’s increased ICT proficiency and, at many schools, SSLC has become a source of pride for students and teachers.

The Samsung brand is closely associated with this positive experience and expanding network; participants are generally referred to as “Khru Samsung” (Samsung Teacher) and “Dek Samsung” (Samsung Pupils) while the renovated classroom is known as “Hong Samsung” (Samsung Classroom).

Direct experiences of students and changes in skills and behaviors are directly affiliated with the Samsung name. This is a level of meaningful consumer engagement which cannot be achieved through traditional marketing communications and consumer engagement.


The most recent annual year-end survey, a core element to the SSLC program, has shown that, despite being an extracurricular program, 48% of the students reported that their academics were not at all impacted by their participation in SSLC while another 46% actually reported an improvement in their cumulative GPA at the end of the year. Students in our program reported an improvement in every of the 21st Century Skills, with ICT Literacy, and Interpersonal skills being the most improved skills. Furthermore, 53% of students reported that collaborating with their peers is one of their top three most important factors that affected their personal growth. Now in its fifth year, 47 schools are currently enrolled in the program, benefiting over 70,000 teachers and students.

The PBL process was eye-opening and inspiring to many; traditionally, Thai teachers provide students with the correct and appropriate answers but, through PBL, they can evolve into a coaching role and act as guides or even fellow learners. The digital storytelling component also enabled teachers to interact with the community where they created new, fruitful relationships with parents and community members.


SSLC is a constant work-in-progress. New experiences, good practices, and lessons learned from implementation are consolidated into knowledge products. Tools and techniques are constantly refined to bring the skills of teachers participating in the program to the next level. Because, ultimately, the success and sustainability of the program rely on capable teachers. To this end, the program is in the process of developing a number of outstanding schools into demonstration sites for other schools (inside and outside of SSLC) to visit and learn their operations.
Founded in 1989, Thai Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is Thailand’s leading provider of consumer electronics, IT products and mobile phones. It employs approximately 5,000 people in sales, marketing and manufacturing. Besides business endeavors, sustainable social contribution is always one of Samsung’s core visions. The company leverages its business strengths to pursue corporate social responsibility goals in areas like education and employment.