Yes Club (Young Excellent Society)

Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited


Thai Life Insurance has the vision to become the People Business to drive the company by giving priority to people in all aspects, including its customers, employees, partners, shareholders and society. The value of Thai Life Insurance comes from an organization that has adopted the values of human worth beyond the value of business (Human Value Driven Centric). The value that has occurred not only from one individual but from altogether.

Referring the fact what we’ve found that some of our sale agent’s children have a bad attitude towards their parent’s occupation because their father or mother had to work hard throughout the 24 hours 7 days and have not much more time for their children. The children sometimes forgot that their parents need to work to earn money to spend on their child care, education and etc.

So, it is a responsibility of the company that need to modify their attitude toward the brand which is most challenge. It have to takes time, affordable and company must do continuously and consistently to achieve it. It is critical that the company drive a corporate culture together which Thai Life Insurance believe that no one can create or copy.


Yes Club” is a project which was create for New Generation who is likely a prospective heir of our existing sales agents in the Executive level or above who may inherit job form the parents.To implement, Yes Club project created in order to support the company to have activities together with sales agents and their children by starting the project since year 2011 until then.

The project will contain with 3 main part; Functional, Emotional and Activity.

Functional part will be the theory session by the professor. The professor will talk and guide to know how to gain an advantage and how to use it to upgrade their abilities.

Emotional part will be the psychology session with the inspirational speaking which will talk about the parent and children.

Activity challenging which will help the member to find the inner with the quiz to find character and analyze what is the strength and weakness. And encourage them to do self-development to be the better person.

Unlock skill: Unlock talent and build relationships through the super excited activity in various fields. The activities will be fielded the condition to teach the members learn to be a giver. By taking the competition prize to donation to the foundation.


Thai Life Insurance held yes club project for 7 years continuously. The company measured from the number of YES club member currently at 457 participants. And they were enrolling to be the sale agents and work together with their parents at 279 person or 61% of all YES club member.

Beside the measurement by number that specified an indicator of expected success to be the number of participant in the project. The response to the project is at a satisfactory level. The project make the children feel good towards the brand and sale agent occupation which will has strong impact to the company. Make they do love the brand and enrolled to be a sale agent for being a part of Thai Life Insurance.

  • The parents and children to have common understanding about the work and to express love between them.
  • More over 61% became a sale agent.
  • Some of them are the influencer who refer the customer to their parents.


The company is determined that the project could make the YES club Awards happens in the future. With the intention to encourage the members to enrollment and collaborate with family to work.

The winner will be the family who could receive highest total first year premium. For children and parents to work together towards the same goal on the purpose
Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited is the first life insurance company in Thailand which was established over 75 years ago. Thai Life Insurance realizes the importance of directing its business and has defined the vision and obligations of business operations. This includes good operating principles concerned with clear supervision. Besides practices determined by law, the company gives priority to good corporate governance to promote security and transparency, and to create confidence for policyholders, shareholders and other stakeholders.