“Wow” – Worthy & Outshining Women (Upliftment of Females in Indian Society with Sustainable Future)

Takahata Precision India Pvt Ltd

“Takahata Precision India Pvt Ltd is a Japanese MNC situated at Rajasthan, India. Their Project “WOW” – Worthy and Outshining Women aims at creating avenues to uplift female status in the backward classes of Society by revealing their hidden potential so as to Nurture their Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow!”


Rooted from Group’s UN Global Compact, the initiative faced a longstanding combat to break the deep rooted societal stigma towards females in India. The project aimed at encouraging and grooming females as future leaders to build sustainable future for themselves. In many parts of India still females are underrated, mistreated and even forced to death. They are provided with very less education & education is imparted so that they can be married easily. Working female have to leave job after marriage due to pressure from society and family and because mother-in-law expects that her son’s wife should take up household responsibilities from her shoulders and devote herself to family. This makes her totally dependent on her husband & in-laws for her requirements. TPIN embraced this challenging project with commitment to raise the status of females at par with males and increasing the quantum of females in unconventional industry like manufacturing, proving their mettle.


Potential for females were identified through CFT in areas like production, assembly, inspection, packing, which involves performing repeated activities every day. Females are primarily brought-up to perform household jobs monotonously which enhances their focus, patience & perseverance and hence TPIN decided to develop them. With the help of Government Skill Institutes we identified and approached females from rural and backward areas. We went along with them to encourage females to build sustainable future for themselves. Time and again we convince their family members having age-old-orthodox mentality. TPIN considers all members as ASSET and to foster their growth various proactive measures are implemented like imparting regular Skill Training, English and Communication Training promoting Two-Way-Communication, regular visit and interaction with female team members to understand their pulse & improve Quality of Life. To ensure their safety & security, Transportation & Accommodation facility with 24hrs Warden facility is provided free of cost. The uniqueness lies in encouraging Women to recognise their true potential and proving their strength as leaders even in unconventional industrial workplace inspiring generations.


We take pride in stating that our female team members have outshined a leading edge overcoming all types of bias and making substantial impact on work. Our female base is encountering a continuous upward trend and we have 60% of female team members associated with us in Production department. Their success story depicts their journey from being anonymous to becoming inspiration for a large number of anonymous females. Their success, zeal and interest have stirred the orthodox mind-set and now we are pleased to experience the reverse trend wherein various Institutes, Females and Parents approach TPIN for opportunities. Today we have 12 Nos Female Leaders at our factory, they are not only creating a promising future for themselves and making their families proud but are also inspiring generations to come. TPIN also became the pioneer in Neemrana to successfully operate C-shift with our enthusiastic female team members. Witnessing this many companies visit TPIN to understand how we are recruiting and sustaining females in manufacturing.


TPIN has a future vision to upgrade the skills and capabilities of female team members and to develop them from Leaders to Managers and eventually leading the organisation as Managing Director. We also provide overseas exposure to females through group meetings, competitions & conferences thereby enriching them with international standards and practices. TPIN and Takahata as a group constantly strives towards creating equal performing platforms for Females and making headway for Females in the company’s C-suite. We wish to have more and more female leaders and add more “WOW”s with Takahata defining a new path for females to encrypt their success manifold.
Takahata Precision India Pvt Ltd (“TPIN”) situated in Rajasthan, India is into production and assembly of precision plastic automotive components. Based on the foundation of “Technology, Quality and Human Assets”, we believe that outstanding technology and quality entirely depends upon our Human Asset.