Unleashing Greatness - Employee Development and Employee Work-Life Balance

MGM China Holdings Limited

MGM strives to Make Great Moments together with the guest and local community. In 2016, MGM totally provided 268,900 training hours to around 6,000 staffs, and completed more than 6,400 hours of community service through 95 community events with its volunteer team.


At MGM, we see sustainability in a straightforward way – for us, it is about doing well by doing good. To ensure the long-term success of our business, it is crucial we look after the people that mean the most to us, namely, our employees, customers, communities, stakeholders, business partners and the environment.

Our Vision, Create a Better Tomorrow Today, implies that the decisions we make today, will affect the society and environment of tomorrow. Employee development, responsible entertainment, environmental sustainability, and support for our communities are among many important issues that influence the future of our business. Guided by our ethos “Unleashing Greatness”, we aim to empower, democratize and unleash the greatness of our constituents, especially our employees and communities.

Through them and with them, we will be able to achieve sustainable and meaningful outcomes. Thus, the sustainable development of our employees and communities is key to our future success.


The four pillars of Culture, Careers, Capabilities and Communities provide the critical strategies towards sustainable development for MGM talents and the community.

  • Building Culture: To effectively democratize learning and build a vibrant culture that nurtures collaborative learning and development for constituents of our talent eco-systems.
  • Building Careers: To enable our team members to realize their full potential and aspirations by availing best-in-class resources, leadership support, partnerships and growth opportunities.
  • Building Capabilities: To build the right capabilities to sustain and enable individuals and our company to be world-class and compete effectively.
  • Building Communities: To build communities that promote learning and effective citizenships so as to ensure sustainable development for our extended communities.

MGM believes that highly engaged employees will lead to a successful business outcome. By adopting a comprehensive employee development and work-life balance strategy, is the goal to cultivate a positive environment, a great place to work which provides high quality career experiences, learning and development opportunities, pleasant work-life balance and most importantly, Make Great Moments together with the employees.


MGM provided a total of 268,900 employee training hours in 2016, and every employee has taken 45 hours of training on average. In addition, 45 team members were sent to Las Vegas and Singapore for cross training experience separately, which is five times more team members compared to the previous year. The increase of training hours in Hotel Operation Departments has directly improved performance, which consequently led to the increase of Forbes Travel Guide Rating in 2016, earning MGM a Forbes 5-Star Hotel award. Furthermore, recruitment, training, and promotion of local Macau residents is a core business priority for MGM. 85% of all the staff and management team are local Macau residents.

The MGM Volunteer Team was established in 2010, and currently has over 500 members. It is a good team building mechanism to bond employees together in sharing their compassion with the community. In 2016, MGM Volunteer Team broke a new record of committing over 6,400 hours of community service, which benefited 1,500 senior citizens, 600 youth, 300 disabled people, and 700 low-income or single families.


MGM’s Vision – “Create a Better Tomorrow Today” warrants the sustainable development of our employees and communities. This is key to the shared success, for now and the future to MGM.

MGM will continue to strive for creating a learning culture that truly empowers, democratizes, and unleashes the greatness of our important constituents, namely our employees and communities.
MGM is a leading developer, owner and operator of integrated resorts. It is the holding company of MGM Grand Paradise, SA which holds one of the six gaming concessions/subconcessions to run casino games in Macau. MGM Grand Paradise, SA owns and operates MGM MACAU, the award-winning premium integrated resort located on the Macau Peninsula and is developing a second resort, MGM COTAI which is expected to open at the fourth quarter of the year 2017 double the presence in Macau.