AirAsia Allstars


“Being a people company that happens to be in the airline business, AirAsia operates with people in mind from guests to stakeholders to AirAsia Allstars. With a single identity, passionate Allstars across the globe unite as one to continue serving over 300 million guests as the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline. “


AirAsia positions itself as a people company that happens to be in the airline business. The airline operates with people in mind – guests, communities, stakeholders and most importantly, its staff (also popularly dubbed as Allstars). It strongly believes that people are a company’s best assets as there will not be a brand without anyone driving it.

A Corporate Culture Department was established since its inception to drive a long-term employee branding effort to inculcate unity among employees and foster closer relationships to achieve organisational goals as one. With this, a single identity known as ‘Allstars’ came to light for all global AirAsia employees.

Being an Allstar means one is not discriminated by job titles, ranks or backgrounds. In fact, Allstars are encouraged to be the best versions of themselves and sustain the ‘All for One, One for All’ value to continue delivering best services as the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline.


AirAsia Allstars as an internal employee branding campaign operates around the six core values that each Allstar upholds: Fun, Caring, Hardworking, Passionate, Safety Conscious, and Full of Integrity. As a 15year-old brand, the company has grown exponentially to become a home for 20,000 Allstars across the globe. All new Allstars will be briefed of the unique AirAsia culture with recurrent exercises for existing Allstars.

With fun in its DNA, AirAsia implements engaging year-long activities across offices to create an overall work and play integration. The engagements include sports activities, green initiatives, social engagements, volunteering works, the much-anticipated AirAsia Annual Party, and more.

Empowerment of Allstars is another key aspect of AirAsia where as a dream factory, the airline encourages Allstars to challenge themselves to go beyond their capabilities and discover unearthed potentials. To help realise these dreams, AirAsia invests in trainings, workshops and more to develop Allstars to their fullest capacity.


Over the years, the airline has established a strong foundation of employees carrying the Allstars identity with pride wherever they go. Beyond that, AirAsia as a dream enabler is proud to have empowered many Allstars to chase their dreams with many stories that have been widely reported by media.

The success stories hail from across the Group including Kugan Tangiisuran, an office dispatcher who became a pilot; Miss Thailand Universe 2005 Chananporn Rosjan who took to the skies as an AirAsia Captain; ground service personnels who became cabin crew; and more.

AirAsia has also recently established a new regional department called the Green & Sustainability Team which was in fact inspired by one of the company’s CSR campaigns, #GREEN24, to champion the longterm sustainability agenda. Another great feat is the PJ Rangers Football Club which was first formed as a recreational football team for Allstars before becoming an official football club with professional players.


AirAsia will continue to streamline efforts across the Group to strengthen the Allstars identify through the ‘ONE AirAsia’ direction. This will serve as part of the internal campaign to unite all the AirAsia affiliates based in different countries as one team with the core message – ‘ONE airline, ONE vision and ONE people’. With this integration, AirAsia will work as a cohesive unit to explore cost-effective options to further streamline operations across all AOCs.
AirAsia and AirAsia X form the leading and largest low-cost carrier Group in Asia, servicing the most extensive network with over 120 destinations across Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. The group has carried over 300 million guests since the inception of AirAsia in 2001 and AirAsia X in 2007.