Roll Your Eyes

Taiwan Star Telecom

As one of the leading mobile carriers in Taiwan, Taiwan Star, on one hand has provided quality telecommunication services to enrich people’s life anytime anywhere; but on the other hand, unintentionally, we also contributed to the deterioration of macular degeneration in the process. Due to its no-immediate-dangerous-to-life nature, people can easily neglect the chronic effect to macular degeneration caused by long-hour smartphone usage.


Taiwan has out-ranked the rest of the world in excessive hours of smartphone daily usage. Clinical statistics confirmed that macular degeneration, an age-related ocular disease, used to be found in elders over 60s, now often strikes Taiwanese at a much younger age due to intensive blue ray exposures. If precautions cannot be adopted fast, it is projected in the next decade, 3 out of 10 Taiwanese will suffer this disease in their 40s.

As a mobile carrier, Taiwan Star provides telecommunication services to enrich people’s life anytime anywhere, but unintentionally, we also contribute to the deterioration of macular degeneration in the process. Its no-immediate-dangerous-to-life nature makes people easily neglect the chronic effect to macular caused by long-hour smartphone usage. Taiwan Star realizes this irreversible damage, and thus we set “Macular Degeneration Prevention” as our CSR initiative. Our objective is to raise the attention of the disease and to provoke behavior change in one’s daily life.


In order to draw instant attention to our CSR theme, we first began our creativity with the slogan: ROLL YOUR EYES, an eye rolling exercise that we intended to advocate throughout our campaign, is in fact happened to be a Chinese phrase of negative metaphor or expression of impatience. By adding a humorous ingredient as a contrast, we tried to introduce a serious medical issue in a less serious way, and re-packaged it as our CSR’s focal point.

Digital marketing was adopted as the main communication channel due to its high effectiveness in internet coverage and propaganda speed. The ROLL YOUR EYES campaign was ignited by launching cool and fun video clips in sequence to generate impact upon the subject, and accompanied by key opinion leaders’ word-of-mouth, then followed by conventional press reports and consumer activities. This chain of events had soon gone viral throughout social media as well as in the physical world.


To execute our “ROLL YOU EYES” CSR campaign in accordance to our objectives and strategy, Taiwan Star formulated an array of marketing communication events by leveraging online video clips, the most widely “share” object in terms of volume and velocity in online propaganda.

In 2016, our “ROLL YOU EYES” campaign had accumulated 16,460,000 online impressions, 5,600,000 viewers, and more than 15,000 participants in total. As a result, 30% nationwide awareness of was drawn for “Macular Degeneration Prevention”, it is considered a great success in public health issue.

Honors and recognitions are as follows:
  • The “Legend of Butterfly Lover” video clip had received two 3rd place awards from YouTube, both for Asia-Pacific most viewed video in September, 2016, and for Taiwan most viewed video in Q3, 2016.
  • Our “ROLL YOUR EYES” campaign won the most popular CSR campaign in Health Care Category from Daily View, a Taiwan-based social media analytics company.


The primary mission for Taiwan Star’s CSR campaign’s first year of launch is to remind people to avoid 4 wrongful behaviors, and to take a 5-minute break to relax and roll one’s eyes for every 30 minutes of smartphone usage. In addition, it is advised to conduct annual ocular inspection as a norm. Our continuous endeavor resides in Macular Degeneration prevention to lower the risk of occurrence in younger age groups.

As we know public health issues are always a long-term commitment that needs constant propaganda. Taiwan Star is devoted to advocate the issue and induce engagement via ROLL YOUR EYES campaign throughout the coming years.
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