PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia TBK

“JAPFA4Kids aim is to introduce, to promote, to raise awareness and to create system at schools on the importance of balanced nutrition, a clean and healthy lifestyle to Indonesian children, mostly in remote areas.”


JAPFA4Kids is social investment activity which initiate by PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tbk (JAPFA). The aim of this activity is to raise awareness and promote children health. That aim is in-line with Indonesia statistic data that predict in the 2030 there will be demographic bonuses. In the next two decades, Indonesia will have the highest number of productive age citizen throughout centuries.

To ensure that demographic bonuses is not turn into demographic problem, JAPFA is take part on the initiative to ensure that Indonesian citizen gaining the opportunity of it by conducting series of social investment activities called JAPFA4Kids.

Through JAPFA4Kids, JAPFA tries to promote clean & healthy life habit and balance diet. Those two aspects are fundament of health and immune. Start in the rural area near the business unit activities, JAPFA4Kids is conducting series of intervention within schools. That interventions have aim to enforce schools to have a system of both fundament. Throughout a year program, JAPFA ensure that change is take place not only in-term of habit but there is also a system to sustain those positive changes.


JAPFA4Kids aim is to introduce, to promote, to raise awareness and to create system at schools on the importance of balanced nutrition, a clean and healthy lifestyle to Indonesian children, mostly in remote areas. Those aim is achieved with 4 ‘E’ step approach. That principle consists of Educate, Enable, Empower, and Evaluate change at schools.

Those four steps ensure that change is take place at respected schools. JAPFA4Kids not only teach and show how is habit should change by conduct several trainings for teacher, student, and school’s stakeholder. But also assist schools to create, ensure, and sustain change by create a system. That system means that schools is having committee, program, activities, and tools to measure their change.

All the JAPFA4Kids is take place near the JAPFA’s business unit. That approaches ensure the initiative is well monitored and can be considered as part of business unit’ community engagement program. On the other hand, that approach also part of JAPFA’s commitment which is growing toward mutual prosperity. That means JAPFA’s business activities should not only bring all benefit to the business entity but also for community surround it.


Until 2016, JAPFA4Kids beneficiaries as much as 111.942 students and 7.166 teachers in 632 Schools from 21 provinces in Indonesia. From those target groups, there are several schools which able to create dramatic change. Those changes may not only take place in their schools but also recognize and awarded by the central government.

In term of qualitative impact through JAPFA4Kids, JAPFA able to increase it social license index and supported the business process. On the other hands, schools and student in the target groups are able to create and sustain change by creating committee and program in their schools.


In the near future JAPFA still strengthen its focuses in the health promotion on children. This effort seems endless since there always another area need for similar treatment and approach. To answers that call, JAPFA will focus on innovation to create approach and strategy which ensure change is not only take place but also replicate.
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