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COMBI HOPE Healthy Living Education

PT Combiphar

“COMBI HOPE Healthy Living Education, effectively supports and compliments Combiphar’s commitment to “Championing a Healthy Tomorrow” in Indonesia.”


COMBI HOPE is Combiphar’s CSR initiative. It was launched in early 2014 to provide a critical platform in enhancing literacy and access to practical health education for the nation’s youth. It is designed to educate and inspire Indonesia’s young generation, focusing on senior high school students to start adopting healthy lifestyles starting from an early age.

Over 42 million of the youth, aged 10-19 years, make up around 20% of the Indonesian population. To make a significant contribution to the nation’s youth, Combiphar embarked on a mission to positively influence and inspire high school students – who are at the age of experimentation and self-discovery – to appreciate their health and to gain a better understanding.Through a simple, fun, interactive and inspiring approach, COMBI HOPE Healthy Living Education aims to give a better understanding to Indonesian youth on health issues such as lifestyle trend diseases and the necessary preventive actions required to maintain and reap the rewards of living a healthy lifestyle.


Through a creative campaign theme entitled “A Healthy Tomorrow Starts Today”, COMBI HOPE Healthy Living Education program promotes a simple but practical educational module consisting of educational material covering preventive lifestyle, healthy living, and lifestyle diseases awareness.

COMBI HOPE Healthy Living Education, effectively supports and compliments Combiphar’s commitment to “Championing a Healthy Tomorrow” in Indonesia. The program is an effective platform in supporting the Company’s business objectives and in raising awareness on adopting a prevention mindset in terms of health and lifestyle habits.

Volunteerism is the spirit of COMBI HOPE. With tagline “Be a Part of Giving Hope”, the participating volunteers from Head Office to branches are involved directly in spreading the healthy living message to the students. All volunteers receive training on effective teaching methods in dealing with huge audiences, teenagers and delivering messages effectively from partner Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB), an NGO that has dedicated itself to educating and empowering youth through various education platforms reaching more than 2.2 million students in approximately 7,200 schools with 35 learning centres across Indonesia since its establishment in 1999. This year, YCAB has been ranked no. 44 in The Global Journal Top 100 NGOs world’s rankings


Originally targeted at approximately 2,000 students in the greater Jakarta area at the launch of COMBI HOPE, in its first year after its kick-off, the program has exceeded its target reaching almost 6,500 students in 48 high schools spread across the greater Jakarta area, Bandung, Padalarang, Garut and Tasikmalaya – West Java, Yogyakarta and Solo – Central Java, Surabaya and Malang – East Java, and Bali. The increase in reach achieved during the first year was mainly due to requests by several high schools to hold additional Healthy Living education sessions for their students, thus reflecting the effectiveness of the education module.

After each COMBI HOPE Healthy Living Education session, feedback is gathered in the form of a random survey to the targeted schools, teachers and volunteers rating the program’s activities from 1-5 (1 being the lowest and 5 the highest). At the end of 2016, the average satisfaction rating for the healthy living education program was 4,5 out of 5, an encouraging result to sustain the program.


Combiphar ensures the sustainability of its COMBI HOPE program through the continued strategic collaboration with reputable and experienced partners such as YCAB, and seeks additional strategic partners which can further enrich the program in the future. In 2017, COMBI HOPE is aligned with Combiphar’s major corporate strategic intiative, COMBI RUN. It is an annual race held by the Company to educate larger societies in championing a healthy tomorrow supported by many running communities in Indonesia. This year, students from COMBI HOPE program will also take parts in this race through Half Marathon Ekiden School To School Competition in September. All participating students are given running training and development program by ASA Foundation, an organization who is focus in empowering people through sports and education.
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