World Milk Day 2016

FrieslandCampina (Hong Kong) Limited

“FCHK successfully developed World Milk Day as an annual signature nutrition advocacy campaign that promote and shape healthy lifestyle across Hong Kong families.”


FrieslandCampina (Hong Kong) Limited (‘FCHK’) is committed to advocate healthy lifestyle to local community. In 2001, The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations designated 1 June as World Milk Day to promote the nutritional value and the importance of milk for health development. As a leading dairy company, Royal FrieslandCampina supports World Milk Day across all regions; while FCHK introduced World Milk Day to Hong Kong and initiated the first and only World Milk Day School Tour in 2013, which succeeded in reaching over 160,000 students to date. In 2016, FCHK further pulled support from its brands, academians and NGOs to raise awareness on local children’s health issues of insufficient dairy intake and exercise, promote ‘Drink. Move. Be Strong’ – balanced nutrition with appropriate dairy intake and regular exercise to local families, and create direct experience to encourage behavior changes that lead healthier and more active lifestyles through World Milk Day campaign.


In addition to World Milk Day School Tour, three new components were introduced in the World Milk Day 2016 campaign. FCHK established the ‘Hong Kong Children Health Index’ and revealed insufficient dairy intake and exercise among local children, in hope of raising parents’ awareness on local children health issues. Three key opinion leaders, Mr. Samson Chim, Chief Dietician, VNS Nutrition and Health Centre, Dr. Lobo H. T. Louie, Associate Professor, Department of Physical Education, Hong Kong Baptist University, and Hon. Secretary, Hong Kong Association of Sports Medicine & Sports Science, Dr. Poon Mak Sui Man Rachel, Clinical Psychologist, were invited to provide advice to parents on shaping children’s healthy lifestyle. In order to empower students to engage in unstructured exercise anytime, anywhere, FCHK joined hands with Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong to develop the first FCHK owned World Milk Day song and dance, a fun and effective dance workout. Moreover, FCHK partnered with Hong Kong Women Development Association to organize the first World Milk Day Family Fun Day, a one-day, free-of-charge outdoor public sports event, to provide a fun experience to Hong Kong families and encourage parent-child outdoor exercise.


FCHK successfully developed World Milk Day as an annual signature nutrition advocacy campaign that promote and shape healthy lifestyle across Hong Kong families. The Campaign was a resounding success and was extensively covered by local news media, generated print, radio, TV and online media coverage with over HK$2.9 million PR value that helped to raise awareness on local children’s health issues and promote the ‘Drink. Move. Be Strong’ advocacy. Through various activities including World Milk Day School Tours and World Milk Day 2016 Family Fun Day, FCHK had engaged 56,000 children and families directly and reached over 390,000 people through online promotions. The first Family Fun Day also recorded a high attendance of 6,000 in which 2,360 families (children, parents, grandparents) joined the parent-child challenges. Last but not least, World Milk Day School Tour continued to receive overwhelming support from FCHK staff with over half of the staff joined as World Milk Day Ambassador.


As a subsidiary of Royal FrieslandCampina, as well as a dairy company that is committed to nourish the life of Hong Kong people across all ages, FCHK recognized the responsibility to promote healthy lifestyle in Hong Kong. The World Milk Day campaign is not a one-off project, but a continuous effort. Building on the success in the past years, FCHK will continue to host the campaign and strive to create and introduce new elements to the campaign every year.
FrieslandCampina (Hong Kong) Limited, a subsidiary of Royal FrieslandCampina, has maintained a long presence in Hong Kong since 1938, providing high quality and nutritious dairy products for consumers, customers and food service business partners in Hong Kong and Macau, nourishing the lives of Hong Kong people across all ages.