Power Walking Tour for Three Generations of Your Family

CTBC Financial Holding Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Life was the first in the industry to promote the family power walking event focused on the family three generations.”


Aging societies is a serious global matter even in Taiwan. As Taiwan’s first insurance company, we are not only deeply concerned about this situation but also the first to promote such family power walking event especially focus on three generations participation from 2012.

According to research by Taiwan Life, when it comes to the concern about the future, the priority that senior citizens worry mostly are “health”, “source of income” and “who will take care of them when they’re sick”.

Therefore, this event emphasizes the importance of paying attention to the mental and physical health of the seniors, and strengthens the Asian ideas of familial ties and filial piety, with local government, NPO and other enterprises support, and the concept of cross generation experiences sharing and learning, we expected over 20 thousand families will attend the event.


Six to eight power walking events will be held around Taiwan. The general publics are all invited to participate for free. Other than that, famous celebrities with a healthy image will be invited to be the public endorsement for the event, using their influence to attract more people to attend. Also Many NPO organizations will be invited, and cross-brand collaborations will be established, to promote the event, raising attention for the health of family members and disability groups. Health-themed games will be located throughout the event venue to raise awareness about health issues

In 2012, Taiwan Life was the first in the industry to promote the family power walking event focused on the family three generations. This event has been widely acclaimed by the local government, NPOs and corporations from different industries. The event has expanded to colleges and universities, so that we can all work together to promote senior care and a healthy, happy attitude towards life.


Within 3 years, 100 thousand people have taken part in over 300 thousand hours of companionship, increasing grandparent-grandchildren interaction and family emotional connections, and encouraging seniors to exercise and improve mental and physical health. An accumulated total of 193,605 kilometers have been walked. This didn’t only Improves family connections but also reestablishing a thankful culture.

Purposely, this event also draws attention to issues such as family companionship, senior care, and health management, and promoting a happy retirement.


In year 2030, there will be over 30 countries worldwide facing the aging society’s issue. By 2026, Taiwan will officially enter the aging society situation, at least 20 percent of the population will be over the age of 65. Taiwan Life organized the “Power Walking Tour for Three Generations of your Family” event to promote senior health awareness, from insurers to communities, from people to families. Family connections can be promoted by forming exercise habits, learning about long-term care, self-monitoring health conditions, and participating in community events. These things interconnect and influence one another, resulting in a healthy mind and body, and delaying the aging process.
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