Green & Win-Win

Thanh Thanh Cong Group

“Since I am an entrepreneur, I am always ready to do my part whenever I am in a position to contribute to the nation or the society.” - Mr Dang Van Thanh Founder & President, TTC Group”


TTC Group implements USDA and EU certified organic systems and processes for its sugarcane and coconut plantations and mills. Organic products have positive impact on quality, health and the environment. TTC also provides grants, conducts training and transfers know-how on organic agriculture to farmers.

“Green & Win-Win” is a long-term project to introduce organic agriculture and other environmentally-friendly best practices to our sugarcane and coconut plantations that deliver positive impact to health and the environment, and at the same time generate mutually beneficial outcomes for the TTC Group, partners, customers, farmers, and the community.

TTC Group uses natural processes such as Natural Ecosystem and avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers for its sugarcane and coconut plantation systems – contributing to soil and crop nutrition, pest and weed management, and conservation of biodiversity. Moreover, the bio-waste of sugarcane is used to produce clean thermo-electric energy.


The Organic farming project was introduced at TTC-owned plantations and those of out-growers. The company regularly organizes seminars to train the farmers on organic farming, capacity strengthening, productivity-improvement, food defense, etc.

They have set up a natural ecosystem from cane fields by exterminating pests by light traps, using organic fertilizer instead of chemical one, growing fish in water reservoirs to enrich water and soil with fish waste, planting over 20km road of flowers in cane fields to attract good insects.

It was first implemented in 2014 at Thanh Long Farm, Tay Ninh Province and has spread out over all farms of TTC.


There are a lot of positive feedbacks from farmers about the project:

“When 23 of us signed up for the TTCS Gia Lai large-scale sugarcane out-grower program, we were mocked by fellow villagers for being naïve and cheated. But upon seeing the healthy growth of our sugarcane crop, many others asked about it and also joined the program. The sugarcane crop not only generates income for us the out-growers, it also creates jobs for the villagers who are employed to grow, take care and clear the sugarcane.” — Mr Rahlan Ky, team leader of out-grower team at Knong, Chu Mo

“We are very excited and glad that the sugar mill coordinated with the local authorities to create change in mindset of our J’rai compatriots. The villagers have gradually abolished their old thinking, and many are now willing to contribute land to the sugarcane outgrower scheme to make a living. I hope that the mill will continue to extend this model because it truly reaps superior economic benefits as compared to other crops” — Mr Ksor Ju, Chairman of local government at Chu Mo


According to the definition of World Commission on Environment and Development, development is considered sustainable if it meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. At TTC Group we embrace such a sustainable development strategic framework, which is epitomized across all our business decisions and activities.

Organic farming at TTC is a long-term project. Other than producing USDA and EU certified organic products, the bio-waste of sugarcane is used to produce clean energy that is contributed to Vietnam power grid. We also plan to extend organic farming other crops in the future.
TTC Group is Vietnam’s leading conglomerate with strong market position in Sugarcane, Energy, Real Estate, Hospitality and Education. It aims to be a global player in sugarcane products, and is planning to list one of its sugar units in Singapore by 2020.