Siloso Beach Resort

Siloso Beach Resort

“Siloso Beach Resort has created the leading eco-resort experience in Singapore, through preserving nature, minimizing footprints in hotel operations, and developing impactful educational programs. SBR is a unique blend of hospitality, design, education, and research towards a more sustainable society.”


Siloso Beach Resort is a resort hotel on the island of Sentosa in Singapore. The project was uniquely developed applying innovative sustainable construction practices and thereafter has implemented best in class efficient technologies as well as unique management and programs incorporating sustainability principles. Over the years, the project has become a unique business model which unlike conventional hotels has diversified into an educational and research organization. The establishment has developed numerous ongoing partnerships with government and private sector agencies in its efforts to promote sustainability.

Goals: Achieve best in class Energy, Water and Waste efficiency through unique design, construction, technology investment/deployments and management policies and practices.

Mission: Promote the sustainable business model to the stakeholders, nationally and internationally with a specific focus on the young; Combine hotel operations with research and education (a new type of business model).

Background: Coming from a construction industry background, the owners of the project have a good understanding of the impacts that construction projects have on the environment and society. Therefore, they wanted to showcase through this specific project that it was possible to undertake a significant development while reducing environmental and social impacts to great extents. It is within this initial mind-set that the project was developed and has evolved over time.


The project went through various stages of development:
  • The initial construction phase: Great details were put into the construction of the project to minimize the impacts on the terrain, trees, and biodiversity.
  • Innovative technologies were then brought into the project to improve aspects such as energy and water savings;
  • The management was set to incorporate strong sustainable guidelines at all levels of operations (SOPs, committees, HR…);
  • Outreach: numerous educational programs have been developed to build upon the initial sustainable construction model;
  • Research: Some research programs have been developed such as an integrated food waste management program or a unique energy efficiency system.


Below are some specific results of the project:
  • Built a 200-rooms hotel while preserving the initial forested terrain on a hill side to great extent: over 200 trees have been preserved and another 450 planted;
  • Achieved best in class energy efficiency: SBR is one of the most energy efficient buildings in Singapore with monthly energy bills below SGD 40,000;
  • Achieved best in class water efficiency: SBR is one of the most water efficient buildings in Singapore with monthly water bills below SGD 4000;
  • Created a program which has educated over 15,000 people on sustainability through onsite visits including most educational institutions in Singapore from primary to tertiary levels;
  • Created a program which outreaches on conservation issues worldwide (;
  • Developed a unique organic waste management system combining rooftop cultures, f&b operations and vermicomposting;
  • Developed a unique energy heat recovery system using the swimming pool as a cooling tower;


The resort has always had a continuous improvement and ongoing development approach. The innovation never stopped at the construction phase, but on the opposite, has been evolving since through different phases.

The resort is now in a transition phase. Because of the innovative business model which combines hotel operations with education and research we are now seeking to capture this unique offering in order to build something more. New programs focused on sustainability education are in the making as well as investments in new technologies and upgrades. In the longer term, there are also plans to expand the concept to other sites.
A member of the UN Global Compact, Siloso Beach Resort is a multi-award winning certified ecological hotel on the Island of Sentosa in Singapore. With a strong focus on corporate sustainability, the establishment business model is unique combining hotel and f&b operations with research and educational initiatives showcasing as well as test-bedding the sustainable business concept. The establishment has numerous ongoing partnerships with government, private sector and community groups.