Haritha Lowak (Green World)

Prosperous Capital & Credit Limited

“Green World”, the project of Prosperous Capital & Credit Limited, engages environmental sustainability needs covering: Home gardening, Distributes long-term crops, Promote organic farming, Introduce renewable energy, Collect E- Waste and Introduce proper garbage dispose system. In the long-term these efforts are aimed at not only to create a healthy nation but also giving support to achieve United Nations sustainable development goals as well.


The green world project has been focused on conservation of the environment and sustainability. The main objective of the project is to be convinced about the value of environment to the community. In addition to that there are few objectives progressing under the project.
  • Reducing the environmental pollution
  • Maintaining the clean surrounding
  • Promote organic farming
  • Producing organic fertilizers, pesticides
Also there are few more objectives in the project.
  • Domestic financial management
  • Creating savings habit among the community
  • Increasing family health conditions
  • Generating additional income to the family
  • Enhance the self satisfactory among themselves

The customers of the PCC has been accepted the green world project very warmly. The people will be able to be with natural environment mostly through the awareness using it properly and including good habits related with the environment. So our company always in the position to get this sustainability.

So there for we give our basic concern and priority for the conservation of the environment. At the moment we are the leading company, dealing with the people to enhance the activity of “keep our environment clean” to get the world green.We have been spending a significant portion of our income for this Green world project.


The project has main six components with related to maintain world green.
  • Home gardening (Cultivate vegetables and fruits for day to day needs)
  • Distribute long term crops for customers (mango, jack, coconut etc)
  • Promote organic farming
  • Introduce renewable energy to customers’ families
  • Collecting e-waste
  • Proper garbage recycling and disposing system
According to our experience it is very important to have community ownership to sustain this type of programmes. Therefore we convince importance, and the valuability of this project and also its benefits as much as possible.For all these activities we were able to collaborate with government INGO’s and co-operate sector as project stakeholders.


As a company, we were able to achieved most of our goals and targets of self.Specially providing of a long-term crop to our customers has got big success. By that we could convince the importance and the value of the green gardening to the people.

On the other hand, we could encourage our customers to plan a green garden in their own surrounding without using artificial or synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and also we aware themselves about the value of the consumption of vegetables and fruits without harming their lives.

Recently we started renewable energy programmes, such as solar power and bio gas. Unthoughtfully, it was got a big success and very attractive thing among the people. People would be able to save their money by using this energy for their future. Nowadays people are facing a big problem which collecting e- waste in their homes. So we have been given solution for that to collecting e-waste in the several centers started in every branch. This is really help for conserving soil and the natural water system.


We are looking forward to gain big success and the creative development of our green world project through all these things. Then the employees who are carrying out the project “Green World” successfully will undergo evaluate and the customers will also be included. By all means we are trying to encourage our employees and the customers as well. We also tend to be investigating about generating electric power under the solar power and the wind power.

Moreover the collecting of e-waste is to be done by the whole part of the country. In order for this to take place we planning to have partnerships with relevant organizations, and the people.
Prosperous Capital & Credit Limited (PCC) was established in October 2013 in Colombo as a fully-fledged Micro Finance Company that offers holistic services through products such ah Micro Finance Loans, Micro SME Loans, Micro Hire Purchase and Islamic Micro Finance in regions where communities have minimum access to financial services. The company adopts a unique hands-on approach, reaching out to remote communities through 11 branches across the island to set in motion an engine of change, believing that prosperity can create a ripple effect.