FWD Life Insurance Public Company Limited – Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards


FWD Life Insurance Public Company Limited

“CARE for People” is one of FWD Core Value. Our life insurance business relates directly to this value by empowering of people with disability. We “Dare to DIFFERENT” by initiating the services that build great impact on society and help PWD travel more comfortably.We hired them not because of “DISABILITY” but because of their “ABILITIES”.


Everyone needs opportunities. There are many people with disabilities in the society and many of them do not have the opportunity to do what they feel passionate about, whether it’s taking care of their families or simply facing daily struggles. We, at FWD, would like to be a part of employers in Thailand who empower people with disabilities by providing them employment and transport facilities so that they can lead a normal life.

Every employee of FWD is involved and contributes to this project. Strong and continuous support from the CEO and Human Resources and Employee Services (HRES) ensures the success of this project.

The projects goals are:
  • To build sustainable growth by empowering people with disabilities through PWD Hiring,
  • To develop a better living for PWD by supporting vans with electronic lifts to travel more comfortably,
  • To build employer awareness on how a company can support PWD in many ways,
  • To develop good attitude from PWD life learning and sharing among all FWD staff.


“CARE for People” is one of FWD’s core values. Our life insurance business relates directly to this value by empowering people with disability. We “Dare to be Different” by initiating services that has a great impact on society and help PWD travel more comfortably. Additionally, we provide special cash allowance (one-time pay) to help PWD staff begin their working life in Bangkok more smoothly, as well as providing company vans to pick up and drop them off at their residence. We also provide them employment by matching their skills and passion with vacant posts in the company.


We aim to change the mindset of society by igniting the belief that people with disabilities do have abilities and to encourage more employers to hire them. At the same time, we also aim to encourage people with disabilities to be self confident and to unleash their talent to grow in their careers. Currently, FWD has 10 PWD staff, and provides them with special cash allowance as deposit for apartment rental, provides vans with specially fitted elevators to accommodate wheelchairs, and donated a van to support PWD hiring in Thailand. The company also provides these PWD staff with health insurance, life and accidental insurance. Leadership training is also provided to help them advance in their careers. FWD also promotes interaction between the PWD and other staff members.


FWD aims to strengthen its presence in the life insurance business in Thailand and Asia Pacific. This direction will create a lot of opportunities in expanding and strengthening manpower growth to align with business growth. This will encourage us to continue our strong support in offering more employment opportunities to PWD in various fields and positions. This year we will donate 15 personal computers to the Employment Center of Redemptorist School in Pattaya to encourage PWD employment in Thailand. Moreover, we are now working closely with the school to build a call center team where PWD will be hired. This is a new initiative and we aim to implement it successfully by this year-end. The successful stories from this initiative will be shared and continued. Our passion to drive this initiative is very much alive and strong.
FWD is a life insurance company aspiring to deliver a whole new insurance experience that will make our customers feel secure and to have the confidence to pursue their passions with peace-of-mind. When you become our customer, you’ll notice the difference in the way we talk, the tone of our conversation, our easy-to-understand products, and convenience in dealing with FWD.